Whitewater Rafting Arizona: What Customers Have to Say About Salt River Rafting

Salt River Rafting has some of the best White Water Rafting Arizona Has to offer. A close drive from Phoenix the spectacular Salt River Canyon offers some of the most unique and scenic rafting around. Don’t just take it from us! Hear what other customers have to say about their trip on the Salt River Canyon.

Experience spectacular Salt River rafting in the Upper Salt River Canyon! Paddle through an incredible 2000-foot deep canyon as you take on rapids such as “Maytag,” “Overboard” and “Mescal Falls”. Check out this season’s newest Salt River Rafting videos. The Salt River drops at over 20 feet per mile as it carves a canyon full of wilderness to discover. The high Sonoran Desert scenery and fun-filled whitewater make this a special place best shared with friends and family. Mild to Wild Rafting provides a delicious, guide prepared, grilled steak lunch on our one-day trips. Longer trips take you further into the wilderness section of the spectacular Salt River Canyon. The scenery changes dramatically from day to day, and plunges you into bigger rapids! Indulge in the ultimate: catered multi-day trips with our deluxe river camp setup.


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