Salt River Rafting Express Trip

Season: Early March – April/May
Class: High Water: Low Water: Class II, III & IV Rapids

Class II & Class III Rapids

Meet Time: 10:00 AM
Return Time: 2:30 PM

A Quick Get-Away with Spectacular Arizona Rafting!

Tackle the whole 10 mile stretch of the 1 Day trip in a fraction of the time. Discover the 2,000 foot deep Salt River Canyon while enjoying 10 to 12 exciting Class III “wet and fun” rapids! This trip is ideal for those who like to sleep in, but also want to experience white water rafting in Arizona!

Rafting Options

Standard Rafts

Premium Rafts

Age: 8+ (low water)          12+ (high water) Adventure: Intermediate Cost: Adult $115*

          Youth $99*

Age: 8+ (low water)          12+ (high water) *If you’re requesting this raft for a higher adventure, the age is 14+ Adventure: High Cost: $159 per person*
15 foot self-bailing rafts (up to 10 guests). Opt for an Oar Boat (paddle along with the guide as you like), or a Paddle Boat (more adventurous) when the guide has a paddle like everyone else and relies on your help to get through the rapids! Experience a smaller guide to guest ratio (up to 6 guests) and more personalized trip.
*Additional $25 Apache Tribe Fee and River/Land Access Fee not included


  • Meet at our Salt River Office at 10:00. Lunch is not included so arrive with lunch in your belly!
  • Check in, sign release forms, get dressed for the river! Wetsuits and Booties are provided.
  • Shuttle to the river for safety orientation and rafting instructions.
  • Hit the river!
  • Tackle “Baptism,” “Island,” “Kiss and Tell,” “Bump and Grind,” “Grumman,” “Mother Rock,” “Overboard,” “Exhibition,” “Cibique,” “Three Way” and the exhilarating “Mescal Falls” rapids!
  • Take out and shuttle back along Apache Road 1. WARNING: the ride back can be as exhilarating as the rafting itself!
  • Arrive back to your car around 2:30 (depending on water flows).
* Please note that all itineraries are subject to change due to river conditions.

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