Arizona Spring Training Sure Fire Excitment

In this article we’ll go over Arizona spring training and other adventures that are perfect for visitors coming to watch the cactus league players. Read on for helpful information and tips on the unique experience that is Arizona spring training.


Arizona Spring Training


About Arizona Spring Training:


Every year MLB teams from across the nation head to the sunbelt for Arizona spring training. It is a long standing tradition for major league teams to pack up and head south every winter. The warm weather, abundant sunshine and high quality facilities make it perfect for winter training. Locals and tourist alike are drawn to the fields every year for the chance to see the big name players. During the month of March teams compete with each other in practice games. This league of practice games is called the Cactus League. games are open to public, with tickets at a fraction of the cost of in season games. This makes March a popular time for tourist to come to Arizona.


Arizona Spring Training


The cactus league is unique for several reasons. First off, all the games take place almost entirely in one month, with games everyday. It’s perfect for spring break trips! Additionally all the games take place in the greater Phoenix area. These games are played at smaller stadiums, which make for a more intimate game experience. Arizona spring training is perfect for baseball fans because they can get closer to the players, and see more games on a smaller budget. For tourist coming to Arizona for spring training, it’s the perfect time to experience all of the excitement Arizona has to offer.


Arizona Spring Training


Arizona Spring Training is More Than Just Baseball:


Arizona Spring Training


For those traveling to Arizona for the Cactus League games, it’s the perfect opportunity to try some of the other exciting activities Arizona has to offer. Located close to Phoenix, the Salt River is a convenient way to take a day off from Baseball. The peak season on the Salt river is the middle of march – right during the middle of the Cactus League. Find a day when your team isn’t playing and take the day to head north to the Salt River Canyon. Just a short drive from phoenix is the some of the best white water rafting Arizona has to offer. Take in the natural beauty of the Arizona landscape and gain a better understanding of why the Major League teams come to this unique part of the country.


The Best Arizona Spring Training Rafting Trips


Mild to Wild Rafting offers a wide variety of trips, with one sure to fit the needs of your Arizona spring training experience. For a quick day trip on the Salt River we recommend the Express Trip. With a start time of 10:00AM it gives you ample time to travel from the baseball stadiums of phoenix to the remote & stunning Salt River canyon.


Arizona Spring Training

If you have time for the complete Salt River white water experience, check out the Dash of Salt Trip. This trip is a single day trip, but packed full of all the thrilling rapids you would experience on the two day trip. Only take a day off of the Baseball games, and still get the full white water rafting Arizona experience!


Arizona Spring Training


Mix up your Arizona spring training schedule and book a raft trip today!


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Spring Break: Exciting and Amazing Secret of Arizona

Curious History of the Salt River Canyon


Spring Break: Exciting & Amazing Secrets of Arizona

Arizona is perfect for spring break because of it’s warm weather, abundant sunshine, and endless natural beauty. Want to escape the noisy crowds of the traditional spring break locations? Want to spend time outdoors experiencing the amazing beauty of the southwest? Ready for an adventure? Read on to discover some of the hidden gems Arizona has to offer. All of them are perfect for a thrilling spring break trip.


Spring Break


Mountain Bike The Black Canyon Trail this Spring Break:


Spring Break


For a spring break on two wheels it’s hard to beat Arizona. The Black Canyon Trail is close to the mountain biking hub of Sedona, but offers a totally different flavor of riding. The simple progressive single-track is perfect for beginners and experts alike. This 67 mile stretch of single track runs through the Sonoran Desert between Sedona and Phoenix. It is the perfect way to experience the raw beauty of the desert landscape that Arizona is infamous for. See stunning views of the Bradshaw Mountains, pedal around the giant Saguaro cacti, and ride through the rugged canyons of the Southwest. For the family, start with an out and back on the north end of the trail. For the more adventuresome, look into longer overnight trips. After you finish your ride, head back into Sedona for refreshing swim in Oak Creek.


Spring Break


Spring Break is The Perfect Time to Hike Into a Desert Waterfall:


Spring Break


This spring break, take a hike through the Arizona desert to a luscious waterfall oasis. Located in the the Sabino Canyon, just outside of Tucson, the Seven Waterfalls is a breathtaking oasis in the arid desert landscape. Just a 2 & ½ mile hike up the trail, this waterfall is accessible for families. With scenery that will keep even the most adventuresome entertained, this trip is perfect for everyone. From the parking lot you can take a tram over the stunning landscape to access the canyon trail. If you don’t want to pay for the tram, you can hike the 2 miles yourself. If the weather is right and the water isn’t too high, take a swim at the base of the waterfall. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty Arizona has to offer.


Raft The Whitewater of the Salt River This Spring Break:


Spring Break


Rafting is the perfect spring break for the adventurer. With this river being some of the best white water rafting Arizona has to offer, The Upper Salt River Canyon is a must-do white water experience. Paddle through an incredible 2000-foot deep canyon as you take on rapids such as “Maytag,” “Overboard” and “Mescal Falls”. The Salt River drops at over 20 feet per mile as it carves a canyon full of wilderness to discover. The high Sonoran Desert scenery and fun filled whitewater make this a special place best shared with friends and family. Mild to Wild Rafting provides a delicious, guide prepared, grilled steak lunch on one day trips, making this rugged wilderness a much more comfortable experience. Longer trips take you further into the wilderness section of the spectacular Salt River Canyon. The scenery changes dramatically from day to day, and plunges you into bigger rapids! To truly experience the natural beauty of this stunning wilderness take a multi-day trip down the canyon. This gives you more time to explore the rich history of this incredible Arizonan secret! 


More about Salt River Rafting

Book a Salt River Rafting Trip Today!


Spring Break



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White Water Rafting Arizona

White water rafting Arizona? To most people that can only mean the the Grand Canyon. But have you heard of the Salt River? The white water rafting Arizona offers isn’t complete without a trip on the Salt River. Near Phoenix and Tucson, this river provides some of the best rafting in Arizona. Don’t have 10-14 days to commit to the Grand Canyon? The salt river is convenient and exciting. Be sure to consider it for your next Arizona white water adventure. Interested in what makes this river so special? Read on to learn more about the history of the area.


white water rafting Arizona


Cutting a swath through the Tonto National Forest, the Salt River Canyon Wilderness Area stretches from the Fort Apache Indian Reservation down to Roosevelt Reservoir. A true wilderness area, the canyon is only accessed via raft. There are no roads or trails to access the canyon. The Apache were among the first to inhabit this rugged and remote terrain. With the discovery of silver in the region, prospectors were soon scouring the mineral rich canyons. Here’s a brief history on the area you’ll travel through on a trip down the Arizona white water of the Salt River.

 white water rafting Arizona




As the Apache were forced to share their native lands with the incoming stream of prospectors and settlers, tensions were high. Among the many conflicts between the native inhabitants and the white settlers, came the Battle of Salt River Canyon. As part of the Yavapai war in 1872 the battle was the first major engagement of the “Tonto Basin Campaign”. The battle, more aptly named the “Skeleton Cave Massacre” was a short but deadly skirmish. The 5th Cavalry Regiment was working their way up the canyon when they encountered the Yavapai hiding out in a cave on the Canyon walls. The soldiers opened fire on the natives, who were caught off guard and could not leave. At the end of the skirmish 76 were found dead. This grim history of this canyon is memorialized by the stark yet beautiful landscape. White water Rafting, Arizona’s


white water rafting Arizona


Best trip to experience the area’s history and the some of the best white water rafting Arizona offers:


Salt River Rafting Four-Day Wilderness Trip – Three nights out in the canyon will give you ample time to explore the area. Expert guides will have the time to show you all the must see landmarks.


Secrets of the canyon:


The Salt River runs through terrain that was well known by prospectors in the mid 1800’s to contain rich mineral deposits. Silver and copper were very lucrative in the area. Legend has it that the Apache found a large silver deposit deep in the Salt River Canyon. When the prospectors found out, many attempted trips into the canyon in search of the buried treasure were made. To this day the secret silver deposit has not been found. When you are camped out on one of the sandy beaches of the Salt River Canyon, look for the rich mineral deposits in the soil. This secret treasure is yet another lure to experience the white water rafting Arizona offers!


white water rafting Arizona


Best trip to explore the area and experience some of the best the white water rafting Arizona offers:


Salt River Rafting Dash of Salt Trip: Just like the early prospectors, cover the most ground in the shortest period of time. Only have one day to raft? The Dash of Salt Trip will cover just as much of the canyon country as the two-day trip.




Interested in learning more about the exciting white water rafting Arizona has to offer? Follow the links below:


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Mild to Wild’s Guide to the Perfect Gift


With the holidays coming up, finding the perfect gift can be difficult. There is always a new gadget, new toys, new material objects. So why not give them the gift of memories? Our forte is finding the perfect trip for everyone – and we’ve listed some ideas below.


The Perfect Gift For the Family


perfect gift


Time with family is precious and even more so when you have kids. With the busy lives that we lead, one-on-one time with everyone can fall to the wayside. Give the family a gift that they will remember for the rest of their lives – a memory. Our overnight family trips are the perfect gift! We offer them on the magical Salt River Canyon, just outside of Phoenix or on the incredible Colorado River outside of Moab, UT for the perfect family vacation. Our guides take care of every aspect of the trip so that you can sit back and relax and soak it all in!




The Perfect Gift For the Adventurer


perfect gift


Life is short! There is more to living than just breathing, and this person in your life knows it! For them we recommend taking it to the extreme – a trip on the wild Piedra River or the infamous Upper Animas. Both of these rivers feature Class V drops that get your heart racing among some of the most remote and scenic places in Southwest Colorado. The price might be more intimidating than the rapids, but don’t underestimate what goes into these trips – the safety of everyone aboard, access to the untouched wilderness, and the training of your guide. Give the gift that they will talk about for years to come, the trip of a lifetime.



The Perfect Gift For the History Buff


perfect gift


Southwest Colorado is packed with history. From the Ancestral Puebloans that made this land their home thousands of years ago to Manifest Destiny and the expansion of the United States westward, the lives of our forefathers are found on nearly every corner. Give them a chance to see Mesa Verde, the largest collection of cliff dwellings in North America, and experience life as they once lived. In Silverton, CO they can see old mining remnants while taking a Jeep trip up to the Continental Divide and hear the history of the area for themselves. Last option but certainly not least is the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, a living piece of history, which once carried the riches of Silverton out to the rest of the world.



To purchase the perfect trip for the person in your life, give us a call at (970) 247-4789 and set up a trip or gift certificate!






Moab Rafting Trips – The Best in the West!

Moab, Utah is a veritable desert oasis with the Colorado River being the lifeblood of the community. Of course there are many other attractions that call people to Moab like the incredible Arches National Park, the vast Canyonlands National Park, biking, hiking, and skydiving, but these are only possible due to this incredible river. What’s the best part of rivers? Rafting! The Colorado River doesn’t disappoint on this front. Check out our top picks for Moab rafting!


Mild Moab Rafting Day Trips


Moab rafting


Part of what makes the Colorado such an incredible river is that there are sections for all types of water expeditions! Starting off is the day run through Moab, known as Fisher Towers, that is a great float through spectacular desert scenery. With mostly Class I moving water and some Class II splashes, this makes for a great family trip for all ages! You learn all about the local flora and fauna and the history of the red rock walls. You can choose to spend either a half-day or a full day on the water!



Adventurous Moab Rafting Day Trips


Moab rafting


Time to up the adventure? Look no further than Westwater Canyon. This day run goes through incredible geological changes – the colors start at with a red to green/purple and as you get deeper into the gorge it turns to a black with pink. This section features Class III and IV rapids – make sure you’re looking for some adventure before you book this trip! This is a fun and splashy Moab rafting trip that showcases some of the incredible rock features that makes Utah so special.




Looking for something a little longer than just a day on the water? There are both family bonding trips and exciting whitewater excursions on the Colorado!




Mild Overnight Moab Rafting Trips


Moab rafting


Voted Utah’s best overnight trip, we here at Mild to Wild love to take guests on overnight Colorado rafting trips! We offer 2 and 3-day trips that consist of mostly serene floats that give everyone the opportunity to jump out and play in the water and try out inflatable kayaks or paddleboards. There are some Class II splashes to keep things interesting and even a Class III to thrill and soak everyone! Our guides provide full-service – to helping you set up your tents, cooking all your meals, and occupying the kids while you kick back and relax in the incredible desert wilderness. This isn’t your average vacation, but it’s one you will not forget. Check out the trips here!



Adventurous Overnight Moab Rafting Trips


Moab rafting


For you thrill-seekers looking to disconnect from the busy world, look no further than a Cataract Canyon trip! This trip can range from 4-6 days depending on the outfitter that you choose to take you down these Class IV rapids! The river winds through Caynonlands National Park, creating an incredible perspective on one of the most unique of our National Parks. As far as rafting on the Colorado goes, this is a once in a lifetime trip.



Making Moab, UT your vacation destination is a choice you will not regret. The activities and views are endless, no matter which choice you make. All of our Moab rafting options can be found here. Loved the Colorado and looking for some more overnights? Check out our intermediate San Miguel or our adventurous Piedra or Upper Animas trips! We love the Southwest, and all of our different trip options can be found here so that you can fall in love too!


The Best Gift Ideas for 2016


With the holidays approaching, it’s time to think about getting the perfect gifts for your loved ones! From the kiddos to the distant relatives, here are our gift ideas for 2016 to make your holidays bright (and stress-free!)


The Gift of Memories


gift ideas


Each year around the holidays, we are reminded to come together and appreciate the time that we get to spend with our loved ones. What better way to let the important people in your life know that you care than by giving them a gift that creates those special moments that you never forget? It can be from a past memory, such as a framed picture or a token to evoke the nostalgia, or an opportunity to create new memories, such as a family trip to look forward for the next year. Our family favorite gift ideas is bonding overnight trips which we offer on almost all of our rivers!



The Gift of Relaxation


gift ideas


With the holidays coming up, it’s time to reflect on what the year held for you – the trials and tribulations, the successes and growths. Take time to treat your loved ones for making it through another year. Time for self-care is vital in today’s bustling world, and what better way to say that you love and care about a person by letting them care for themselves? It’s an easy way to let your loved ones know how much you care – you can look into local spas and just give them a call for an easy and much appreciated gift!


The Gift of Technology


gift ideas



Technologies are advancing faster than ever before – it’s a challenge to keep up with all of the advancements that have come even in the past year! Help your loved ones stay connected and current with the modern day with all of the new gadgets. With so many new technologies being developed it’s easy for you to choose the perfect gift for each unique individual. 


The Gift of Adventure


gift ideas


With 77+ trip options, we have the trip for just about anyone! From thrilling rides down Class V rivers to incredible tours through the Southwest’s history; from serene overnights that create that perfect family bonding experience to trips to the top of the world seen from a Jeep – we have the trip for you! We stick by our name – mild to wild trips for all types of adventurers. A few of our recommended trips include the extreme Upper Animas with Class V rapids or the rugged wilderness of the Salt River in Arizona!


No matter the gift, make sure to let the people you surround yourself with know that you love them. If you are interested in purchasing a trip or gift card for one of our trips please call our office at (970) 247-2789 or use our trip finder to find the best trip!




The Best History Tours of the Southwest


Colorado has a rich and diverse history! From the beginning of civilization to the modern day, there is a history tour out there to walk you through the people and places that have led to current day. Check out the incredible place where life has ebbed and flowed throughout the soaring mountains and high deserts that we call Colorado.


Old Hundred Mine Tour


history tours


The Old Hundred Mine was formed in 1872 by two brothers from Germany. The mine held hope for riches when a vein of gold was found, but unfortunately the brothers didn’t have the funds to explore further. They sold the mine, and various companies over the years worked the mountain for it’s gold. Eventually, the mine dried up and the companies left the area. They left miles of tunnels and an old boarding house, which is the only mine history tour in Silverton that is open to the public.



Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad


history tour


The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad was formed in 1881 and started hauling passengers and freight in 1882. It was used primarily to move silver and gold from the San Juan Mountains to the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad and out into the world. It’s estimated that over $3 million worth of precious metals cascaded down the tracks! When the major mines of Silverton closed, the railroad did as well. When WWII hit, the government opened the uranium smelter in Durango. After the war, determined individuals worked to keep the railroad alive, mainly through tourism. Over the past 80 years, the train has continued to thrive and carry scenic lovers from all over to and from Durango and Silverton. The train is truly the history and heritage of Durango and Silverton, and is a must do on any trip through the Southwest!



Mesa Verde National Park


history tours


As one of the best-preserved Ancestral Puebloan sites in North America, Mesa Verde is an incredible hole in the fabric of time. The dwelling sites some estimate to date to 7500 BCE, give us a peek at the birth and growth of human civilization as we know it. Today, this area is an archeological haven with over 600 well-preserved cliff dwellings and 700 years of artifacts. A visit to Mesa Verde is a must for any visitor to the Four Corners area who is looking for great history tours!



Chimney Rock


history tours


Located between Pagosa Springs and Durango, Chimney Rock is an unmistakable stop along Highway 160. The huge outcropping, visible from over 15 miles away, was sacred to the Ancestral Puebloans that made this formation their home. The monument preserves 4700 acres containing hundreds of historical sites, homes, and ceremonial buildings. This National Monument is a spectacular history and heritage visit for all ages!



Jeep Tours


history tours


Colorado’s defining feature is the Rocky Mountain range that spans the length of the state. The mountains hold the history and heritage of the land – starting with the Ancestral Puebloans who nestled themselves at the base of the mountains up to 12,000 feet where brave souls searched for riches among the rock to modern day life above tree line. Check out the incredible views and the rich history that has shaped life in Colorado without risking your own vehicle! Jeep 4×4 tours are available in almost every town that calls the Rocky Mountains home.



Chaco Canyon


history tours


Located just 2 hours south of Durango, Chaco Canyon boasts the densest concentration of Ancient Puebloan architecture, history and culture. The canyon was a major center for the Ancient Pueblo People testifying to the people’s impeccable organizational and engineering abilities. This is one of the best history tours in the Southwest, and one of the least trafficked.


No matter where you’re visiting in Colorado the rich and powerful history is tucked into each corner of the state. Research into local companies like ours is highly recommended before you embark on your trip so that you can get the most out of your vacation! We offer fantastic Jeep tours, exploring La Plata Canyon near Durango or up in the mountains of Silverton. Our Mesa Verde history tours are not to miss, walking you through 700 years of history. Last but certainly not least, you can combine any of our trips with the infamous train!



The Best Ways to See Fall Colors in the Southwest!

Fall is here! With the cooler temperatures bringing in the end of summer, the most recognizable way to know that winter is on it’s way in is the trees changing colors. Colorado has spectacular fall colors into the rugged mountains to make an incredible fall trip.


Take a Fall Colors Jeep Tour


fall colors


Climb into the mountains where the fall colors first begin! The aspens are the first to go, creating spectacular natural paintings across the mountains. The crisp mountain air and incredible views take your breath away! Listening to the history of the area while seeing where it all happened really brings history to life.


Ride the San Juan Skyway


The gorgeous 236-mile loop hops from quaint mountain town to quaint mountain town. In-between each stop includes soaring mountain passes, vast aspen forests turning gold, and babbling rivers that feed life above sea level. If you’re visiting Colorado in the fall, make sure to include the San Juan Skyway on your list of things to do and see.


Mesa Verde National Park



Fall colors



Mesa Verde is translated as “Green Table” – but maybe the name should be changed in the fall to “Mesa Oro”! This national park is chock full of history and views! A visit to the Southwest is incomplete without a visit to one of the most preserved cliff dwelling locations in the United States. The fall is great time to visit this National Park with temperatures and crowds dwindling down.


Take a Soak in Ouray Hot Springs


Ouray, CO – known as the Switzerland of the United States is home to warm and relaxing mineral hot springs nestled between soaring mountains! Take in the natural beauty of the changing seasons while the warm water takes your troubles away. Ouray is on the San Juan Skyway, so you can spend your days exploring through the aspen forests and then relaxing and soaking in the evening.


Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad


Fall colors



The D&SNGRR climbs the San Juan Mountains between Durango and Silverton, treating guests to a scenic blast into the past. The fall colors line the turquoise Animas River creating an unbelievable fall contrast like no other. Colorado has some of the most spectacular fall colors in the nation, and viewing them via train creates an unforgettable experience for all ages!




Colorado has incredible scenery and beauty that makes it the premiere destination for fall color excursions. The cold temperatures usher in the colors and create an incredible experience for all ages. Check out our fall foliage tours here and our Mesa Verde tours here!




The Most Extreme Whitewater Rafting in the US

The United States is filled with fun, exciting and tough whitewater adventures! The question is: what are the top 5 toughest adventures out there? In our opinion, the following  whitewater rafting adventures make the mark for the toughest in the US.



Gore Canyon, Upper Colorado River, Colorado


This section of whitewater rafting starts with 4 miles of flat water through a dark deep rock canyon which is the calm before the storm. The next 5 miles contain 10 rapids including 6 class IV and 2 class V. This river gorge is extreme in nature and it is recommended that participants can easily run a mile and swim 10 laps in a pool before participating in this commercially guided adventure!


Upper Animas, Animas River, Colorado


whitewater rafting


The Upper Animas drops at 85 feet per mile out of Silverton, Colorado at 9,308’ in elevation surrounded by incredible 14000 ft peaks. With 3 sections of class IV and V whitewater rafting, this river not only challenges your river skills but also endurance. The completely free flowing nature of the river leaves the rafters in the hands of frigid and unpredictable snowmelt! The Upper Animas River canyon has very limited access where your only two options in are hiking or by the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.


Loscha River, Idaho


The Loscha River, who’s name literally translates to “rough water,” is famous for having 30 rapids in 30 miles! As an undammed river the unpredictability adds to the excitement and adventure of the cold snowmelt river. At high water there is little respite between rapids often creating a continuous trail of whitewater that leaves your arms burning and heart racing. The exhaustive nature of this river can become dangerous to those unprepared or involuntarily swimming!


Cherry Creek & Upper Tuolumne River, California


The Cherry Creek section of the Tuolumne River contains 15 technical class V rapids in under 9 miles! Narrow and steep, this river is scattered with big boulders and technical moves through a tight canyon. Cherry Creek is not an adventure for the out of shape or the weak at heart! This whitewater rafting adventure is just 30 minutes from Yosemite National Park.


Upper Gauley, Gauley River, West Virginia:


whitewater rafting


The Upper Gauley is one of the most popular Class V sections of river being commercially rafted in the US and has acquired the nickname of “the Beast of the East.” With it being a dam-released river, you can be sure that the day you pick to go has great flows and fun water! This section of river has many notoriously dangerous moves and rapids, but the guides who run it every day have found and perfected their favorite lines.




            The above listed whitewater adventures are an absolute blast and can be a wonderful fun vacation for you and your friends or family! But it is important to remember that rivers are unpredictable and can be dangerous, these sections of river are not recommended for folks who have no rafting experience or do not meet the physical requirements asked for by the respective companies. Go out, raft hard, and have fun! Check out our Upper Animas adventures here!

Favorite Films Made in the Southwest


From the low deserts to the high mountains, the rich and varied landscape of the American Southwest has inspired many filmmakers and provided the scenic backdrop for a variety of films. Here are a few of our favorite movies that feature scenes shot in the Southwest!


The Hateful Eight – Telluride, CO


Southwest movies


The Hateful Eight is a gritty western written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. The movie was filmed near the mountain town of Telluride, Colorado. The movie showcases the steep mountains, wide-open spaces, and deep winter snow that the area is famous for. The area was chosen for its’ cold winters and abundance of snow, which were both crucial to the plot.


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – Durango, CO


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is a classic movie about the famous outlaws that roamed the West in the late 1800s, robbing banks and trains along the way. One such robbery was filmed using the Durango Silverton Narrow-Gauge Railroad. Visitors to Durango can see the train car used in the movie displayed in the museum at the downtown train station. The famous cliff-jumping scene was filmed just north of town near a bridge called Bakers Bridge. This adventurous scene shows the bandits leaping from a high cliff and falling into the Animas River to escape law enforcement.


Thelma and Louise – Moab, UT


Southwest movies


Thelma and Louise is an iconic buddy movie about two women fleeing to Mexico in order to escape from the law. The movie’s climax and most famous scene was set at the rim of the Grand Canyon but was actually filmed near Moab Utah. The area contains scenic similarities to the Grand Canyon with its’ extremely high steep cliffs and red rocks. The final scene was filmed in Dead Horse State Park near the Shafer Trail Overlook. 



Discover the sights and views of these iconic movies on your own! The San Miguel River flows just outside of Telluride, CO and the heavy snowpack is what feeds the San Miguel River, which is a great intermediate trip! Moab, UT is a desert hub for so many activities – escape like Thelma and Louise with an overnight on the Colorado River! Last but certainly not least, the Animas river is a great place for adventure seekers of all levels, from family trips on the Lower Animas to the extreme adventure of the Upper Animas!