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Discover the Unbelievable Durango Silverton Train!
Durango Silverton Train
Location: Durango – Silverton Colorado
Adventure Level: Mild
Season: May – October

Durango Silverton Train Description:

The Durango Silverton Train winds through spectacular, breathtaking canyons in the remote wilderness of the two million acre San Juan National Forest. Travel by coal burning, steam-powered locomotive on the same tracks miners, cowboys and settlers of the Old West took over a century ago. Relive history with the sights and sounds of yesteryear for a truly spectacular journey through the Animas River Canyon.  Your trip to Southwest Colorado won’t be complete without a ride on the train, either round trip or the more popular option – one way! Trips run from May 1-Sept 12, trips will run every day of the week. From Sept 14-Oct 24, trips will not run on Sundays.

Durango Silverton Train & Bus Options

Train Round Trip:

This trip is best for train buffs and is the most economical way to ride the train. Round trip on the train includes a 3.5 hour ride to Silverton,  a 2-hour layover in the quaint town of Silverton for shopping and lunch and then a 3.5 hour ride back to Durango. Your choice on the standard cars are open air gondola or enclosed vintage coach. Learn more.

Train & Bus Options

The one-way train and one-way bus options are the most popular, giving you the chance to experience both the Durango Silverton Train and the spectacular Million Dollar Skyway while shortening your time on the train. You will not want to miss this spectacular roadway; a two-lane blacktop forms a swirling ribbon through the San Juan Mountains, the wildest and ruggedest peaks in the Colorado Rockies. It is nice to have someone else drive so you can take in the views of the beautiful peaks and cliffs right next to the road. It is rated one of the top 10 most scenic drives to do in the U.S. Because you will be taking the train one-way, we will be sure to hand-pick your seats on the side of the train that has the most magnificent views. Learn more: Train Up/Bus Down or Bus Up/Train Down

Combination Options

Our most popular packages combine the Durango Silverton Train with a Colorado ghost town tour and/or a 1/2 Day rafting trip on Durango’s Animas River – providing the Best of Durango! Add on a tour at Mesa Verde to also get the best of the Southwest! Learn more: Trails & Rails, Rivers, Trails & Rails or Rivers, Trails, Rails & Mesas

Bus Only Options with Mild to Wild (between Durango & Silverton):

Round trip from Durango to Silverton with Mild to Wild’s “San Juan Scenic Bus Tours” or our Bus Down Only (from Silverton to Durango) options are available. Learn More: Bus Round Trip or Bus Down Only

Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Highlights:

  • Discover this unforgettable 45 mile journey along Colorado’s most spectacular river corridor the Upper Animas. (the only way to see inside this canyon unless you raft Class V “Violent” rapids).
  • Travel through Colorado’s largest Wilderness area and striking canyon scenery with 14,000 peaks towering over you (not accessible by road)
  • Cross the river 5 times each way
  • Travel at a top speed of 18 mph!
  • Travel by this steam locomotive fueled by coal. On a round trip to Silverton a fireman shovels six tons of coal per day and ten thousand gallons of water are used to produce the steam to power the locomotive!
  • Car Options: Coaches are fully enclosed with windows that open and close. Seats face forward. Gondolas have full roofs, open sides from the waist up and seats that face outward. Deluxe & premium car options include: Presidential, First and Deluxe Class Options

Durango & Silverton Railroad Trip Options

Rivers, Trails & Rails

Take 1 1/2 days out of your busy schedule for true family fun! Experience a half day of rafting, a one-way Narrow Gauge train ride and a Mini Ghost Town tour above Silverton! Cost: $211.83* Adult • $150.78* Youth Book This Trip Learn More

Rivers, Trails, Rails & Mesas

Don’t miss a thing! Experience the whole Southwest CO adventure! Combine 4 awesome activities into 1 great price! Spend half a day on the Lower Animas River, ride the Durango Narrow Gauge, take a jeep trail tour, and explore Mesa Verde National Park! Cost: $321.90 Adult • $233.10* Youth Book This Trip Learn More

Trails & Rails

Experience a Colorado Ghost Town and the Durango Train Discover a Ghost Town during  your Jeep Trail Tour and end with a ride on the Historic Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge and the “must see” Million Dollar Highway. Cost: $164.65* Adult • $114.70* Youth Trails & RailsBook This Trip Learn More

Rail & Raft

One way train, one way bus, and late afternoon rafting! Enjoy breathtaking views from the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway as you climb high up into the mountains. Explore Silverton before returning on our bus back to Durango for afternoon rafting! Cost:$124.88* Adult • $87.88* Youth Rail & RaftBook This Trip Learn More

Bus Down Only

Silverton to Durango A great option if you are short on time or want to opt out of the ride back on the train. Cost: $29* Adult • $19* Youth Bus Down OnlyBook This Trip Learn More

Bus Round Trip

Durango to Silverton and Back Sit back and relax while our professional and experienced driver navigates the curves and turns of the Million Dollar Highway. Cost: $45* per person Bus Round TripBook This Trip Learn More

Train Round Trip

Train enthusiasts love this! For train buffs and those that have time (9 hours), this option can’t be beat! Cost: $85* Adult • $51* Youth Book This Trip Learn More

Train Up/Bus Down

A time saving option offering the Million Dollar Highway as well! The reverse of the Bus Up/Train Down option since the train is a bit slower chugging up the mountain! Cost: $102* Adult • $68* Youth Train UpBus DownBook This Trip Learn More

Bus Up/Train Down

The Best of Both ~ Million Dollar Highway & Durango Train! Discover the striking Million Dollar Skyway (rated one of the 10 most breathtaking drives in the U.S) and the Narrow Gauge Railroad one-way in one spectacular day! Cost: $97* Adult • $63* Youth Bus UpTrain DownBook This Trip Learn More