Mild to Wild Team

Professional Guides & Adventure Experts

Robin Fox

River Guide

Hometown: Durango, CO

Nickname: Foxy

Favorite Trip: Telluride is one of my favorite places so I like to raft the San Miguel.

Nickol Moran

River Guide

Hometown: San Clemente, CA

Nickname: Spicy Little Pepper

Favorite Trip: Salt River is the best. Just a constant class III mecca

Beth Pearson

River Guide

Hometown: Breckenridge, CO

Nickname: Smilling Sally

Favorite Trip: I’m not sure. It’s a tie between the Lower Box of the Piedra and the Rockwood Gorge section of the Upper Anima

Bobby Lee

River Guide

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Nickname: Bleeb

Favorite Trip: Castle Valley section of the Colorado River. I like to camp on the Sandy beaches!

Keaton Cameron

River Guide

Hometown: Scranton, PA

Nickname: Camera

Favorite Trip: Cataract Canyon in the fall. It’s just so lovely with the scenery and weather.

Emma Donharl

River Guide

Hometown: Pagosa Springs, CO

Nickname: Lil’ Bug

Favorite Trip: I have to say the Salt River is my favorite! Any length trip.

Kyle Stewart

River Guide

Hometown: Salida, CO

Nickname: DJ Froggy

Favorite Trip: Any overnight trip really. Camping on the river can’t be beaten!

Sam Cook

River Guide

Hometown: Austin, TX

Nickname: Cookie

Favorite Trip: Lower Animas in Durango. I actually really like getting to show guests the great whitewater Durango has to offer.

Niki Calderon

River Guide

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Nickname: Nic

Favorite Trip: The 4-day Gates of Lodore trips is my favorite Mild to Wild trip.

Scott Guttman

River Guide

Hometown: Grand Junction, CO

Nickname: Buster

Favorite Trip: Can’t beat Cataract Canyon at high water!

Amber Jonseof

River Guide

Hometown: Sun Valley, ID

Nickname: Soda Pop

Favorite Trip: 1/2 Day trip on the Lower Animas!

Dillon Reed

River Guide

Hometown: Dekalb, IL

Nickname: Skittle

Favorite Trip: Castle Valley in Moab, UT

Kayla Jankowski

River Guide

Hometown: Houston, TX

Nickname: Guppy

Favorite Trip: Upper Animas Rockwood Section

Hayden Kilgore

River Guide

Hometown: Augusta, GA

Nickname: Bug

Favorite Trip: Paddleboarding In Oxbow Park

Anne Chase

River Guide

Hometown: Steamboat, CO

Nickname: Snapdragon

Favorite Trip: San Miguel River In Telluride

Luke Streit

River Guide

Hometown: Madison, WI

Nickname: Han Solo

Favorite Trip: Desolation Canyon on the Green River in Utah.

Richard Frederiksen

River Guide

Hometown: Laramie, WY

Nickname: Stretch

Favorite Trip: Multi-Day trips on the San Miguel River in Telluride are my favorite.

Rio Baros

River Guide

Hometown: Rio Rancho, NM

Nickname: River

Favorite Trip: I enjoy guiding through Desolation on the Green River. I like the remote and scenic campsites.

Michael Stelljes

River Guide

Hometown: Boston, MA

Nickname: Lollipop

Favorite Trip: Needleton section of the Upper Animas is my favorite trip.

Sean Cosse

River Guide

Hometown: College Station, TX

Nickname: Cheeseburger

Favorite Trip: Inflatable kayak trip on the Castle Valley section of the Colorado River

Kolben Preble

Marketing Coordinator

Hometown: Portland, OR

Nickname: Colby Jack

Favorite Trip: Desolation Canyon in the spring.

Kelsey Wright

Front of House Leader

Hometown: Littleton, CO

Nickname: Kels

Favorite Trip: Piedra River!