Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Season: April – September
Adventure Level: Mild
Ages: 9 & up
Cost: Adult: $79* • Youth $69*
Meet Times: 10:00 AM & 1:30 PM
Return: 2.5 hours later

Experience stand up paddle boarding!

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is the fastest growing paddle sport in the world. Come check out our sampler 1/2 day course with experienced instructors and learn how much fun it is, or rent a board and take it out on your own! For our course, our instructors start on land with the basics of board and paddle design, how to properly hold your paddle, and board paddling positions. Before heading out onto the water, will give you thorough safety instructions and make sure you are comfortable with self rescue and river language. Once on flat or slow moving water, your instructor will go through the balance progressions of laying on your board, kneeling and finally standing up. Within each position you will learn different paddling techniques and paddle strokes to help you maneuver your board efficiently and effectively. Then learn how to tilt the board to carve in and out of currents and experiment with this. Finally, learn to ferry across the river. Ferrying is a technique used to maneuver across the river through a current. We start with learning this skill on our knees, then, advancing to our feet. This provides the basic skills needed to start surfing every river wave you can find! For those more adventurous, we can dabble in some yoga poses, headstands and balances! You don’t need huge waves to have fun on a SUP, you will be entertained with every little eddy, wave or ripple in the river. Join us for a fun new water activity or to get a great core workout! Depending on the river water level, your instruction will either be in a lake or a slower section of Durango’s Animas River. For those wanting to venture out on their own and handle the shuttle and equipment on their own, rent a stand up paddle board. Cost is $30 for 1/2 day and $45 for a full day. All information provided while booking online is transmitted via a secure connection. Credit card details are heavily encrypted/inaccessible.


  • Meet at our main office in Durango 30 minutes before your departure time.
  • Check in, sign release forms, get dressed for the river! Wetsuit and bootie rentals are required through June and highly recommend from July on.
  • Shuttle to the put in for safety and technique orientation.
  • Hit the river!
  • Practice your paddle boarding skills and have a great time doing so! We will stop for a snack half-way through.
  • Take out and shuttle back to our office approximately 3 hours later.

Important Considerations:

  • The maximum number of guests we can take at one time is 8.
  • The trip will either be on a slow moving section of the Durango’s Lower Animas River or a local lake.

What to Wear or Bring:

  • Wetsuits are required through June and highly recommended all season.  Swimsuits are great to wear under wetsuits, keep in mind, while learning, you have a higher chance of swimming.
  • Bring sunscreen, water, a hat and sunglasses if desired, and your sense of adventure!

Special Ways We Care for You While Paddle Boarding:

  • Quality, experienced instructors provide safety and technique orientation
  • Small guide to customer ratio, averaging 1 to 6 (maximum)
  • Free helmets and splash jackets
  • Wetsuits available for rent
  • Our paddle boards are larger for more stability
*Please note that all itineraries are subject to change due to river conditions. Additional River/Land Access Fees not included. Click here for directions to our main office in Durango.

See What to Wear and BringRental Price Lists, FAQ’s and Common Concerns for additional information.