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With so much to experience in the Southwest, we know you want to make the most out of your family vacation. For this reason, we’ve combined our most popular trips into the best packages for you and your family. Whether you’re rafting in Durango, taking a Jeep trail tour in Silverton or enjoying the Narrow Gauge Railroad, our packages will save you time and money.

Looking to combine some of our other trip options? Build your perfect trip with our Trip Finder. The packages listed are combinations with Durango’s Lower Animas River. Create a package of your own with one of our other river trips! Save 7.5% off of each adventure you book!

In order to book a Rivers, Trails, Rails n’ Mesas or Rivers, Trails n’ Rails trip you first have to book a Rivers n’Trails trip and then your package will be offered to you.

Value Package Options:

Rivers, Trails, Rails & Mesas

Rivers, Trails, Rails n’ Mesas

Experience Southwestern Colorado to the fullest! Adventure to 4 awesome trips with 1 value price! Take a 1/2 day trip on Durango’s Animas River, ride the famous Durango train, explore Silverton on the San Juan’s beautiful Jeep trails, and visit the ancient wonders of Mesa Verde National Park! Book Now Learn More
Rivers, Trails & Rails

Rivers, Trails n’ Rails

Travel by Boat, Train & 4-Wheels in Just 1 1/2 Days! Raft the Lower Animas River in Durango, take a one-way Narrow Gauge Durango train ride then tour a ghost town above the picturesque mountain town of Silverton. Book Now Learn More
Rivers n' Trails

Rivers n’ Trails

Raft and Jeep through beautiful Southwestern Colorado! Enjoy a 1/2 day on the Lower Animas then spending another 1/2 day on the San Juan Mountain’s beautiful Jeep trails. Book Now Learn More
Trails & Rails

Trails n’ Rails

Enjoy stunning mountains, a real ghost town and a Durango train trip! Venture on a fun Ghost Town Jeep Trail Tour, through the gorgeous San Juan mountains, then take a ride on the Historic Durango-Silverton Railroad and take in the majestic Million Dollar Highway along the way. Book Now Learn More
Rail & Raft

Rail n’ Raft

Take the train, drive the highway, spend the afternoon rafting! Take the train from Durango to Silverton, enjoying the amazing views along the way. Grab lunch in Silverton and explore the historic town, then hop on the “Million Dollar Highway” back to Durango and raft the Lower Animas! Book Now Learn More