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Preparing For COVID Safe Trips In 2021

We want to reassure you that we are doing everything possible to make our trips, single and multi-day, as COVID-safe in 2021. For a complete list of our COVID policies and procedures, please visit the Mild to Wild Response to COVID-19 Page. COVID-19 has proven to be a wild rapid to navigate, but with the […]

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Mild to Wild’s 2020 Season Highlights

To put it MILDly, 2020 was pretty WILD year and season for us here at Mild to Wild. However, looking back on this year, we still had A TON of 2020 season highlights! So, as a final goodbye to 2020 we’ve put together this short but sweet highlights reel to inspire you to #LiveWild and […]

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Lower Animas Boat Options Explained

Mild to Wild Durango Rafting Page:   Take control of your Lower Animas destiny with three exciting boating options: standard rafts, premium rafts, and inflatable kayaks! Here at Mild to Wild, we want to make your Durango rafting adventure as fun for you and your group as possible by providing these three Lower Animas […]

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Why Choose An Inflatable Kayak – Lower Animas River

Inflatable Kayaks increase the level of adventure with you paddling your own kayak under the instruction of a trained guide. No experience is necessary. Adventure Level: Inflatable kayaks increase the adventure level with a higher swim potential and more contact with the water.

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