Guaranteed Fun With The Four Top Adventures In The San Juan Mountains Colorado

By Mild to Wild   •   May 30, 2017

A trip to the San Juan Mountains Colorado is not complete without a visit to the old mining town of Silverton. This historic town is one of the highest towns in the United States, sitting at an elevation of 9,318 feet, and is known to take people’s breath away due to the picturesque views and lack of oxygen! There are many hidden gems around the town that Silverton has tucked away. Silverton itself is nestled right at the base between two high mountain passes. Red Mountain pass and Molas Pass sandwich the town, making travel to and from the town in the winter quite difficult, but make for beautiful summer drives!


San Juan Mountains Colorado


The Hidden Hikes Of The San Juan Mountains Colorado


Silverton has numerous off-the-beaten-path hikes that boast some of the best scenery in the Southwest. Ice Lake Basin is no exception. This hike is far above the rest in terms of sheer beauty, proximity away from the city, and altitude. The Ice Lake Basin trail, nestled in the heart of the San Juan Mountains Colorado, quickly gains elevation weaving in and out of wild-flower filled meadows and forests. A steep climb and final push brings you to the upper basin, which will take your breath away if the hike up hasn’t already done so. The lake you stumble upon holds turquoise blue waters at the base of jagged mountain peaks and is absolutely stunning! Take a day out of your trip to experience this truly gorgeous hidden gem.


San Juan Mountains Colorado


Hidden Eats of the San Juan Mountains Colorado


A trip to Silverton is not complete without a refuel stop at Avalanche Brewing Company. This secret spot is a local favorite, featuring delicious pizza and one-of-a-kind brews. After a long day of exploring in the San Juan Mountains Colorado, you will not want to miss out on this local gem. Make sure you remember that you are sitting at above 9,000 feet and you will surely feel its affects if you do not pace yourself! The owner of the brewery even configured a breakfast brew with hints of maple and bacon.


San Juan Mountains Colorado


Hidden Adventures of the San Juan Mountains


The Animas river headwaters start in the San Juan Mountains Colorado. Known as the toughest and most technical commercially run river in the U.S., the Upper Animas is full of adventure and excitement. Take on the river as a one-day marathon of whitewater. For a longer adventure try a two day trip. Camp alongside the river in a remote wilderness site. The adventure of a lifetime!


San Juan Mountains Colorado


A visit to the San Juan Mountains Colorado is not complete with a trip to Silverton! If you are still looking for more hidden gems to check out in this gnarly little town, feel free to explore on your own and discover some of Silverton’s best kept secrets. Be sure to share any of the hidden gems you find with your friends, so we can all find joy in everything the great town of Silverton has to offer.


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