Top Single Day Raft Trips According To Mild to Wild Guides

By Molly   •   January 3, 2019

Top Single Day Raft Trips According To Mild to Wild Guides

It’s summertime and you’ve found yourself in Southwest Colorado or Moab, Utah and your searching for an awesome activity for you and your family. You’re looking for something that will take a whole day but don’t want to commit to multiple days. You aren’t crazy adrenaline junkies, but you want something that will get your heart pounding and get the kids excited. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. These single day raft trips are perfect for you. A day spent on the river is a day well spent. We asked a couple of our guides what they love about Mild to Wild’s single day raft trips. 

Single Day Raft Trip: Lower Animas River

You might think that a guide might get tired of rafting the same stretch of river every day. As Mild to Wild guide Sam would assure you, this isn’t the case.  He loves taking people out to explore the single day raft trip on the Lower Animas River every day because every day brings a new experience. Different conditions and different water levels make each outing a brand new adventure. Obstacles will present themselves that weren’t there before. Increased water speed will mean approaching a rapid differently. Don’t expect bored guides when you come to join us on the Lower Animas. The guides can’t wait to get out on the river just as much as you..

Lower Animas Rafting-Durango Colorado-Mild to Wild Rafting

Single Day Raft Trip: Castle Valley

If you’ve been to Moab, UT then you know that all you have to do is take a look around to find out why it has become so popular. The Utah landscape is like no other. Views of rock features like Fisher Towers are worth a trip alone. The castle valley single day raft trip is on of Mild to Wild’s more mild trips. This makes the single day raft trip stretch of the Colorado River in Moab the perfect trip for young kids and beginners. River Guide Kyle points out it can be a bit nerve-racking to get in that raft for the first time. Not to worry though, he loves watching that nervousness turn to joy as he’s able to impart some of what he loves about getting out on the river to a new generation.

Colorado River-Moab Utah-Mild to Wild Rafting

If the weather this winter is any indication (which it is), we can expect plenty of adventure to be had on some pretty full rivers 2019. There will be plenty of chances to turn a free day into an experience that the family will never forget. Our guides are always eager to get out on the river and show you why they love it so much.


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