Top 5 Hidden Gems of Durango

By Molly   •   June 14, 2016

We all love Durango for its beauty and charm! But where are the true hidden gems and places that you need to discover while here? Check out our list of the top 5 hidden gems of Durango that we want to share with you!


The Bookcase & Barber




The Bookcase & Barber Shop is a hidden gem in Durango that you will want to check out if you are looking for a great local bar or a barber to cut your hair. This barber shop/bar offers a unique atmosphere with very fresh, high-end beverages! When you arrive, let them know who sent you!


Natural Hot Springs on the Piedra River


Hot Springs on the Piedra River. Who wouldn’t want to soak in a hot spring on a rafting trip! If you come rafting with us on the Lower Piedra you will be given the opportunity to soak in the hot springs. The hot springs on this river make the trip extra special for guests! You can also hike down to them on your own if you are in the Pagosa Springs area. The scenery along the Piedra river is breathtaking and a great spot for anyone! Rafting on the Piedra River is also a must do adventure!


Durango Dog Park




Durango Dog Park is a great place to let your dog off leash and socialize with other Durango dogs! You can hike along Smelter Mountain, let your dog go for a swim in the Lower Animas River, and see the rafters and kayakers come through Smelter Rapid. This dog park is very unique in that it is fenced in with a mountain and a river! It’s also a great location for trail runs and beautiful views. You and your dog with both enjoy your time at this park.


Pinkerton Hot Springs


The Pinkerton Hot Spring can been found North on Highway 550 on your way to Silverton from Durango. This hot spring comes out of a unique, red tinted rock formation. The water temperature ranges from 95-105 degrees Fahrenheit. In the 1800’s, hot springs were believed to have special healing powers. It has become a popular attraction that you will want to stop at if you are passing by!


Junction Creek




Junction Creek in Durango is a great trail for hikers, bikers, or runners. The hike to Gudy’s Rest, a location that offers spectacular views of the Durango area from the top of sandstone cliffs, is an 8 mile hike from the trail head at Junction Creek on the Colorado Trail. This hidden gem is a great hike that is easy to access and very convenient to anyone in the town of Durango!


When you are in the Durango area be sure to check out these local gems! Looking for other options? Experience Durango rafting by day and Durango’s breweries by night with our White Water Raft and Brewery Craft package! What a better way to end a day of rafting on the Lower Animas? In this package you will enjoy a sampler at one of our favorite breweries, 1 souvenir pint glasses, and a self guided map!


See you in Durango this season!


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