Family Fun Whitewater Rafting Trips & Other Family Adventures

River Trips and Other Adventures in Colorado, Arizona and Utah

We get it. We have kids, too! We love kids! We really are just big kids!

Kids grow up fast, so make the best of the time you have with them. Family friendly trips with Mild to Wild will create memories that last a lifetime! Mild to Wild is a family and we are known for creating world-class family experiences. With our wide range of activities and adventures, fitting for all age ranges, abilities and adventure levels, we create trips for families with time for discovery, exploration, relaxation and an overall enjoyable family vacation. Create lifetime memories away from hectic daily life for just a day (or three) or as long as you can! Family adventure trips mean BIG fun and awesome togetherness! The natural outdoor playground of the Southwest provides a fun and educational experience. While having fun, though, safety is still our top priority! Mild to Wild takes numerous extra safety precautions:
  • Instructional and safety orientations prior to launch
  • Guides certified in First Aid and CPR, with many maintaining higher certifications
  • State certified in-house guide training to ensure quality
  • Adjustments to age limits, rivers, trails,  boats, tour vehicles, and even trip cancellations due to safety concerns
  • Free helmets on river trips
  • Highly maintained shuttle vehicles, tour vehicles and river equipment
Single families, families and friends and family reunions all enjoy exploring together in outdoor adventures. Family groups of just 10 or more receive group discounts. All of us here at Mild to Wild are kids at heart and we love to create fun family trips in the outdoors. Enjoy special moments with your family while the Mild to Wild staff takes care of you on whichever adventure you choose!

Great Family Trip Options:

River Trips (Standard Raft, Premium Raft, Inflatable Kayak, & Paddle Boarding):

Kids love river trips…the longer the better! Our Colorado family river trips include hand-selected guides (many of whom have worked with us for 8 or more seasons and have families themselves!). They entertain the kids with stories of adventure and history of the area. Ask them any questions you like or even to have a hand at the oars and try navigating the boat (in the calm sections) yourself!
We know time is tight, but an overnight trip experience is truly worth the memories! There is plenty of time to re-discover your family and take time for yourself. Food is kid and adult approved (special requests accepted!), and, as always, fresh and filling. Relish a few moments of peacefulness for yourself, while the guides entertain your kids with beach games and fun around the camp fire. Mild Options: Durango’s Animas River (ages 4 & up) and Moab’s Colorado River (ages 3 & up). River craft options include rafts, premium boats, inflatable kayaks and paddle boarding. Family members can divide on the craft of their choice to get a different adventure while still staying together! Intermediate Options: Telluride’s San Miguel River (ages 8 &  up), Arizona’s Salt River (ages 8 & up), and Durango/Pagosa’s Upper Piedra River (ages 12 & up). High Adventure Options:  Durango/Pagosa’s Lower Piedra River and Durango/Silverton’s Upper Animas River (both ages 16 & up, and all must be physically fit and ready for a pre-trip swim through a rapid).

Jeep Tours:

Kids love exploring and learning in the outdoors. They have so much fun they don’t even know they are learning! Our jeep trail tours are interactive tours that explore up to 13,000 feet on old mining trails that you would not want to take your own vehicle! Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride and tour. We have many options to accommodate your budget and itinerary: Durango’s La Plata Canyon, Silverton’s Ghost Town Tour or our most popular trip option combining the Durango Narrow Gauge Railroad with a Ghost Town Tour: Trails n’ Rails.

Mesa Verde National Park Discovery Tours:

Tucked away in Southwest Colorado, Mesa Verde National Park is waiting for you to discover its rich heritage, hundreds of cliff dwellings and thousands of archeological sites. Kids, earn your Ranger Badge and interact with our National Park’s fantastic rangers. Families, experience the intriguing cliff dwellings and the remnants and clues of a life long ago that have been left behind for you to discover today!

Adventure Value Packages:

We know raising a family is expensive and that you want to do all you can for your kids. We try to help by packing our most popular trip options together to save you money. Check out our Adventure Value Packages!

Special Ways We Care for You on our Family Trips:

  • Providing highly trained, experienced and caring guides
  • Trip Consultants that ask about you and your needs so we can recommend and provide the best family experience for you!
  • Accommodating special family requests and needs – Just ask us!
  • Being family focused! We are a family. We love kids! We provide kid-friendly guides, food, education & fun!
  • Our Adventure Value Package Trips
  • Group discounts for families of 10 or more