What To Wear And What To Bring On A Jeep Tour

By Kim Cassels   •   October 12, 2021

What to Wear and What to Bring on Your Jeep Tour

Silverton Jeeps In Summer - Silverton Jeep Tour - Mild to Wild

Mild to Wild’s jeep tours will take you through some of the most stupendous scenery within a short drive from civilization, whether you’re in Southwest Colorado or Moab, Utah. And because we’re not only cruising into the backcountry to witness such stupendousness, but in breezy open-air vehicles whilst doing so, you’re gonna need to suit up for it suitably! Check out what to wear and what to bring on your Jeep Tour! 


Family At Historic Mining Site - Silverton Jeep Tour - Mild to Wild

Dressing in layers is a must when you’re on a Colorado Jeep Tour. On our La Plata Canyon tours, we climb from Durango’s elevation of 6,512 feet to over 10,000 feet near Kennebec Pass. On Silverton Jeep Tours, the routes vary, but all start at 9,318 feet in town and climb over 11,000 feet on any of the trails. 

Drastic elevation changes call for clothing you can easily take on and off as needed. Since the mountains have a knack for creating their own weather, come prepared with fashionable artillery even if it’s warm and sunny in town. Also, be prepared for rain (especially during late summer and fall) and even snow (more so in spring or October). Our jeeps do come covered with a canvas shade, and we also provide blankets to keep you extra cozy! 

The average temperature ranges in the San Juan and La Plata Mountains are: 

  • April to Early June: 48° – 69°F
  • June to August: 69°- 80°F
  • September to October: 50° – 65°F

What to wear on a Colorado Jeep Tour:

  • Pants
  • T-shirt
  • Sweatshirt
  • Warm jacket – Bonus points if it’s water proof!
  • Warm hat
  • Gloves – Particularly in early spring and fall.
  • Sunglasses 
  • Warm socks 
  • Hiking shoes – Note that we don’t allow any slide-on footwear like flip flops and crocs.

What to bring on a Colorado Jeep Tour: 

  • Water bottle – Your guide will provide water for refills. 
  • Extra sunscreen – Be sure to apply your first layer before hopping in the jeep, and then reapply every 90 minutes. 
  • Camera
  • Snacks 

Moab, Utah 

Group Selfie With Waterfall Backdrop - Moab Jeep Tour - Mild to Wild

It’s no secret that Moab’s heat has a tendency towards what some might cordially contest as, dare we say, ostentatious. This is thanks to Moab’s lower elevation of 4,026 feet and all that heat-hogging sandstone that radiates the sun’s warmth right off its surfaces. 

While not as fickle as mountains, deserts can still be mischievous when it comes to weather and temperature changes, especially in early spring and late summer during the monsoon season. So, depending on what time of year you find yourself on a Moab Jeep Tour, follow these protocols for your getup. 

The average temperatures ranges in Moab are: 

  • Late March to May: 60° – 83°F
  • June to August: 95° – 101°F
  • September to October: 88° – 74°F 

What to Wear on a Moab Jeep Tour: 

  • Shirt with sun protection – UPF shirts or other athletic, light-weight long sleeves 
  • Hat that covers both your face and neck
  • Sunglasses 
  • Hiking shoes – Note that we don’t allow any slide-on footwear like flip flops and crocs
  • Cooling bandana – Particularly during Moab’s hottest months (July & August) 
  • Sweatshirt – Particularly in early spring, on rainy days and fall mornings
  • Rain jacket

What to Bring on a Moab Jeep Tour 

  • Water bottle – Your guide will provide water for refills. Bonus points if it’s insulated to keep it from getting hot! 
  • Extra sunscreen – Be sure to apply your first layer before hopping in the jeep, and then reapply every 90 minutes.  
  • Camera
  • Snacks – *Tip, bring along something refreshing like fruit! 

Group Hiking To Lower Gemini Bridges - Moab Jeep Tour - Mild to Wild

And that’s that for what to wear on a jeep tour, whether you’re cruising into Moab’s canyons or up to Colorado’s peaks. We hope you enjoy the wild majesty laid before you as you explore some of the best-looking landscapes the Southwest has to offer— all while looking and feeling fabulous along the way! 

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