River Rafting: Team Building for Every Type of Team

By Molly   •   May 19, 2015

So you’re looking for a great team building experience. Nothing brings a group together like shared adventure, working as a team, and of course the beautiful great outdoors. One great way to find all of this in one place is to try out a river rafting trip. With so many different options, it’s easy to find a river rafting trip to meet your exact needs to maximize team building.


River Rafting Team Building


Do you want your group to have to work together overcoming obstacles? In a paddle boat, everybody paddles together, navigating around rocks and through adventurous rapids.  Short on time? Experience a half-day trip. Interesting in some serious bonding time? Try out a multi day trip and gain the added benefit of camping together.


A typical trip could look something very much like the following. Imagine setting out on a trip with your group, everybody talking excitedly about what the day will entail. What wildlife will be seen? What new places will be visited? What new skills will everybody learn?


After arriving and learning about river safety, the adventure begins. Few things compare to the shared experience of rafting down a river together. Working in unison to navigate the raft, laughing together as rapids splash your friends, and the mutual mystery of what is around the next bend of the river. After some time on the river, you will begin to get hungry… it’s lunchtime. You will sit together on the shore of a beautiful river, discussing the day so far and anticipating what is still yet to come. After lunch it is time for yet more daring rapids, intense water fights, and endless laughter. Perhaps some wildlife will be spotted on the shore of the river. Maybe new and unlikely friendships will be forged. One thing is absolutely certain, when your group reaches the end of their river rafting adventure, they will have no shortage of new things to talk about and certainly no shortage of memories made as a team.

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