Salt River AZ Surging Rapids Of Guaranteed Excitement

By Molly   •   March 14, 2017

Surely you’ve heard of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, right? But have you heard of Arizona’s best-kept secret? The Salt River Canyon, known as the “other Grand Canyon” is a 2,000 foot canyon, soaring high above the Salt River AZ. The Salt River AZ valley is home to desert cacti and flowers as well as very remote wilderness camping and rafting experiences, one you cannot duplicate anywhere else. The rapids on the Salt River AZ are like none other, providing you with a wet and fun experience leaving you wanting more. Read more for a sneak peak of some of the surging rapids and what you will see on the Salt River AZ.


Salt River AZ


Salt River Az Overboard Rapid, Class III


The Salt River AZ is not a river to take lightly. Right off the bat you get thrown into class II and III rapids such as Island Rapid, Bump and Grind Rapid, and Maytag Rapid. Still hungry for more? Next up comes Overboard Rapid, a class III rapid, guaranteed to test your luck. Stay focused through this rapid or else you soon be swimming overboard through this appropriately named rapid. Just past mile two on the Salt River AZ, Overboard Rapid drops sharply over a steep boulder and pops you out downstream, guaranteed to leave you soaked and smiling. Overboard Rapid comes early on any Salt River raft trip


Salt River AZ


Salt River AZ Mescal Falls, Class III


After a full day of battling Class II and III rapids in the beating sun, the last rapid of the full day Salt River AZ trip will be sure to leave you wishing you had more. Be sure to give your arms a quick rest after the eight miles you have already paddled before you attack Mescal Falls. This rapid will not only test your strength, but also your endurance and focus through the last major rapid. From start to finish, Mescal Falls will bounce your raft around, throwing whitewater in your face, so be sure to hold onto your paddle and listen to your guide!


Salt River AZ


Salt River AZ Quartzite Falls, Class IV


Do Overboard and Mescal Falls sound a little too mellow for you? Tag along on one of our multi-day Salt River AZ rafting and camping trips and Quartzite Falls will be sure to make the adrenaline rush! This rapid is just before mile 32 on the Salt River AZ and is rafted on Day 2 of multi-day rafting excursion. Class IV rapids are known as “big drop” rapids, which is where Quartzite “Falls” got its name. Rushing through a straight stretch of whitewater with steep walls and ledges on both sides, Quartzite Falls will pinball your raft in and out of rocks through a menacing drop to a short pool of calm water. This rapid is highly technical and known to flip lackadaisical boats, so be sure to hold on and listen to your guide! Be sure to stay focused through all the excitement of Quartzite Falls because just past Quartzite Falls is Corkscrew Rapid, another class IV rapid, known to leave you soaked and smiling, so hop back in the raft quick and get ready for more!


Salt River AZ


The surging rapids of the Salt River AZ guarantee excitement for all ability levels! Anywhere from Class II splashing rapids, to Class III wet and fun rapids, to Class IV big drop rapids, the Salt River AZ will leave you wanting more. Why stop at a day trip? Salt River wilderness is one of the best in the US for multi-day raft trips.



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