Colorado Adventure: Seek A Great "Perhaps"

By Mild to Wild   •   May 5, 2015

Face it, you need a Colorado adventure. All week long, you work sun up to sun down, an endless cycle of exhaustion and stress filling up your daily life.  Daydreams appear rapidly before you return back to reality. Subconsciously, you tell yourself, “I’ll get out there” and “I’ll go whitewater rafting this summer.


Colorado Adventure


Guess what? Your life is now.


Go forth, live and escape from the daily troubles on a Colorado adventure because you deserve it!  Get away, leave work and stress behind for a long needed break. Exciting, new experiences lay ahead, waiting to happen and change our futures.


Finally see those incredible panoramic views everyone has been posting about. Stand around multiple bases of 14,000 foot peaks while you explore a long-abandoned ghost town on a Colorado adventure. Let beautiful green pine trees surround you as you travel on a mountain excursion very few have experienced.


Get lost in the wilderness on a multi-day rafting trip. Camp in the pristine wilderness. Add an historic train ride to your Colorado adventure. Awaken your senses and smell the crisp mountain air while you feel the splashes of snowmelt whitewater on your face. Hear nothing but the rapids tumbling, roaring, and crushing into the river.


The intense rush you’ve desired is finally here on a Colorado adventure.  You’re not afraid but filled with pure enthusiasm instead. Listen to the rapids howl; an action packed section is directly in front of you. Become determined to conquer it with no fear. Paddle through continuous white water until you are set free into calm water, feeling accomplished. Remember this moment.  Feel refreshed and stress free.  “When do I get to do that again?” your mind slowly whispers.


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