Family Adventure: Top 5 Tips To Save Money

By Molly   •   April 7, 2015

Saving money on a family adventure


Save On Your Family Adventure

You have saved all year and it’s almost here, your big vacation!  The bags are packed, including the new sundress that you had to have ($32).  You have made arrangements for your pets at the kennel ($200). Your nephew is coming over to water the plants and keep an eye on things ($50). You gas the car up ($70) and buy travel snacks ($12).  Now, where did all of your hard earned cash go?  Fear not! These 5 tips will help you to have the most budget-friendly, fun family adventure possible!


1) Camp

Why not take advantage of the escape from soccer practice, guitar lessons, traffic, cell phones, TVs, and other daily distractions?  There is no better way to enjoy a family adventure than to find a pristine wilderness campground, set up camp, get the bonfire roaring, and cook a delicious camp style dinner.  Sit back and relax with your loved ones, then sleep under the stars as all of your worries fade away. If you don’t want to camp on your own, relax and let us do the work. Join us for our catered camping.


2) Trade Houses

Okay, so it’s not your ideal family adventure to commune with nature. Here’s another option: trade houses with another family. So, you don’t know anyone who lives in Malibu, near the Adirondacks or in the Southwest where you want to join in on some of our exciting adventures.  All of these websites can help:

If neither of those options sound like the best plan for your family adventure and you opt to stay in a hotel, choose one that has free breakfast, as well as a refrigerator and microwave.  Some hotels have these amenities in select rooms and you can request them for no additional charge.  For a family of five, you could save $20 or more a day on breakfast!


3) Pack Your Own Food

While you are on vacation, do not eat out for every meal.  Keep cereal and bananas in your room if breakfast is not included.  Pack a lunch for the family and bring it with you in a cooler.  Who doesn’t enjoy a midday picnic? Everyone will be thanking you! Lastly, be sure to bring a crock pot along for dinners.  You can put everything in before you go out for the day and come back to a delicious, home-cooked meal that everyone will love.


4) Free Entrance

Another great way to save money on your family adventure is to plan your trip around free entrance to National Parks days!  Not only are America’s 407 national parks educational, but they are truly our country’s hidden gems.  Within each national park is a treasure, waiting to be explored. Hundred year old trees, lakes, mountains, caverns, plateaus, wildlife, waterfalls, canyons, mesas, and wildflowers.  The opportunities to be amongst nature’s splendor are endless, and will not cost you a penny!   Just a short 35 miles from Durango is one of the most spectacular national parks of them all: Mesa Verde! This is a must do as it houses some of the most notable and preserved cliff dwellings in the country! Book your small guided interpretive Mesa Verde Discovery Tour today!


5) Package Deals

Check out our vacation packages!! Mild to Wild Rafting and Jeep Tours offers value packages to help families on a budget get the most out of their vacation!


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