Moab with Kids: Awesome Trails and Things to do in Moab with Children

By Kim Cassels   •   May 20, 2020

Moab with Kids: Awesome Trails and Things to do in Moab with Children

Rafting Moab Utah Multiday Family Trip

Moab with the kids? Heck yeah! Grown-ups aren’t the only ones who get to play all day in the red and rugged terrain. From museums catered to Jurassic interests, to getting in on the paddle action on the Colorado River, munchkins can have as much as an epic adventure as their folks. Check out this list of trails, destinations, and outdoor extravaganzas for youngsters ready for adventure, Moab style.

Museums and Parks

1. Moab Giants

Explore the Moab Giants museum. The Southwest is a paleontologist’s dream, and this outdoor exhibit accurately depicts the dinosaurs who ran the swampy streets of Moab over 100 million years ago. Also, the museum offers a virtual underwater theatre revealing the creatures from Utah’s ancient seaways and enormous lakes

Moab Kids Museums Moab Giants
Credit Canyonlands by Night and Day

2. Hole n’ the Rock Zoo

Ride a camel and feed the zebras! Just south of Moab is Hole n’ the Rock Zoo, it’s hard to miss the white lettering plastered on the side of the overhanging rock wall. The huge home and gift shop built into the sandstone isn’t a bad place to explore either.

3. Rotary Park

Outsized xylophones amidst the playgrounds, basketball courts, a hummingbird sanctuary, biking trails along free-flowing streams, and plenty more is located in this kid’s oasis on Mill Creek Drive in Moab.

Parks Moab Kids
Credit Into the Rockies

Hiking Trails

Hiking with Kids Moab Trails
Credit Rêves d’ailleurs

1. Mill Creek Canyon

This in-and-out trail lets hikers decide whether to hike 6 miles or just a couple, along multiple waterfalls and pools. Wear water shoes and keep your eyes out for plenty of petroglyphs (carved) and pictographs (painted) on alcoves, walls, and boulders. The North Fork Mill Creek Trailhead is less than a 10-minute drive from Moab.

2. Longbow Arch

This 2.4-mile hike rolls out petroglyphs, dinosaur tracks, and Slickrock handlebars up to a unique arch. Rising 200 feet above the Colorado River, it’s an easy climb that takes maybe an hour and a half to complete. Some straightforward rock climbing comes along the way that kindergarteners and up will enjoy. Park at the Poison Spider Trail Head just 15 minutes south of Moab.

3. Arches National Park – Delicate Arch Trail

Arches has a slew of great trails for kids, but this path to the iconic bridge has a few extra gems along the way, including the Wolfe Ranch Cabin and a panel of impressive petroglyphs. The homestead cabin still stands from 1906, while the rock art dates back to 1650.

Mountain Biking Trails

Kids Mountain Biking Trails Moab
Credit Bret Edge / Discover Moab

1. Dead Horse Point State Park

Fun series of loops from 1 to 5 miles with jaw-dropping scenery.

2. EZ to Lazy on Moab Brand Trails

A great 3.7-mile trail for beginners with views of Arches National Park.

3. Horsethief Trails, Rangler, and Rowdy

A fun 1-mile loop around Horse Thief Campground.


The Colorado River in Moab is beloved by locals as much as visitors. Kids 5 and up will enjoy its amazing scenery, fun rapids, and flat sections for floats and swims. Older kids may want to try an inflatable kayak or paddleboard.

Family Friendly Rafting Moab – Mild to Wild Rafting


Not every 4X4 route around Moab will literally put you on the edge-of-your-seat, or a cliff. Take a tour with the incredibly experienced guides at various jeep outfitters to learn about the area’s wilderness and fascinating history while traversing some not-as-rugged terrain.

Off Roading Trails Kids Moab
Credit Jones Family Travels

Zip Lining

These exciting tours come with a few extra activities. Getting to the ziplines includes some off-roading, hiking, and walking across a suspension bridge. It’s a great way to beat the heat and explore Moab’s wilderness in a uniquely fun fashion.


Kids Moab Zip Lining
Credit Ravens Rims


No matter how you choose to enjoy Moab with the kids, the entire family will be completely stoked to experience this Mars-like landscape. Keep in mind the time of year your here, as spring and fall tend to be the very busiest (this is a popular destination year-round) as the temperatures are the most bearable. To keep the kiddos happy, avoid the heat and crowds by heading out as early as possible. Have fun out there ya desert dwellers!


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