What to Pack for Your Utah Rafting Adventures

By Kim Cassels   •   June 10, 2019

What to Pack for Your Utah Rafting Adventures

Single Day Trip

On single day trips, the guides will have a waterproof bag for the items you don’t need readily accessible. Here’s what to keep stored away in case charcoal clouds ominously saunter in.

  • Rain jacket
  • Long sleeve and leggings/pants, preferably quick-drying fabric
  • Wool socks
  • Beanie

Here’s what you should have on your person and in the boat.

Colorado River Rafting - Moab, UT - Mild to Wild Rafting

  • Hat
  • Sunglasses with chums
  • Water resistant clothing; bathing suits and/or quick-drying fabric
  • Sunscreen; you can still burn on an overcast day!
  • Sandals that are strapped onto your feet— no flip flops!
  • A large water bottle
  • A camera – if it’s safe from the water!

Multi-Day Trip

Multi-day trips have large waterproof bags for camping gear and extra personal items. They also provide small waterproof bags for easy access on the river. Since these bags are fairly small, use them for situations that call for another layer or protecting electronics. You can stash your water bottle in the bottom of the boat. Pro tip: Bring a carabiner to clip your bottle to the boat so it won’t bounce out!

Pack these items in the little bag:

  • Warm clothing that can pack down small, or at least pack a pair of socks and a beanie. People tend to forget these items or think they’re unnecessary due to Utah’s incredible heat, however weather in the desert is completely capricious! You could end up shivering in a 40-degree rain storm and baking in 85-degrees the same day!
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain Jacket; not just for rain but also to help you regulate your body temperature through the rapids.
  • Camera with a waterproof case
  • Any medications you need on hand

For the trip in general, bring:

  • The large water bottle we provide you at check-in – Our guides have said this is one of the most commonly forgotten items, so we’ve got your back!
  • Tent (option to purchase)
  • Sleeping pad (option to rent)
  • Sleeping bag (option to rent or purchase from us!)
  • Small, compressible pillow
  • Warm layers: pants, long sleeves, wool socks, beanie, jacket/sweatshirt
  • Water resistant clothing, swimsuit and/or quick-drying fabric. 
  • Sandals that are strapped onto your feet, no flip flops.
  • Hiking/tennis shoes for hikes
  • A hat that covers your neck
  • Sunglasses with chums
  • Personal care items (toothbrush/toothpaste, biodegradable soap, etc.)
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, and a little more sunscreen
  • Games! 
  • Your favorite snacks!


Any time on the river is a good time! We want you to have the best experience possible, which means being comfortable no matter what Utah’s weather decides to do. It’s better to have extra layers you didn’t need than not having them in case Mother Nature needs a good cry. 


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