How to Have the Best Time on a Moab Rafting Trip

By Mild to Wild   •   July 4, 2017

What better way to cool off this summer than with a Moab Rafting trip? The Colorado River three- day rafting trip in Moab, Utah is a great trip for beginners and experts alike, with sandy beaches, magnificent red rock canyon walls, and soaring stone towers. Just a short 2.5 hour drive from Durango, it is an easy drive and well-worth it. Rated the best family raft trip in the United States, this trip will give you plenty of time to swim, play on large sandy beaches, fish hike, and relax around the campfire. What better way to bond with your family and friends than with three days on the Colorado River? To top it off, our guides are not only highly skilled on the water, they are also expert campers, from setting up camp to cooking dinner to playing fun games with everyone! Our guides like to make the camping part of your trip extra fun by bringing along camp-style games! Tag along on one of our epic three-day Colorado River Moab Rafting trips and experience for yourself!


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Moab Rafting: Have you Ever Played Bocce Ball?


On a three-day Moab Rafting trip, you will likely see the guides bring along a Bocce Ball set. This game, a form of lawn bowling, is set up on the sandy beaches of camp and is fun for all ages! Operations manager, Drew, thoroughly enjoys a bocce ball tournament after a day of rafting. His competitive spirit and encouraging demeanor help keep camp lively and full of laughter. Bocce is played by teams alternatively throwing bocce balls into the opposing team’s “goal.” The point of the game is to get one of more of your team’s balls closer to the pallina (small target ball, often white) than your opponents. Drew is quite the Bocce connoisseur, so be sure to practice and try and defeat him!


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Moab Rafting is Perfect for Games on the Water


A great team-building game to play on the water during your Moab River trip is the Trust Lean game. This game perfect for a calm section of the Colorado River. The entire raft crew stands around the perimeter tube holding hands leaning back out over the water. This is a great trust exercise because everyone is relying on you to not let go and let everyone fall in the water, although it might feel good in the beating sun to get in!


Moab Rafting


How to Have a Great Camping Experience While Moab Rafting


It is a general rule of thumb that on a Moab rafting trip, no one is going to smell good! So don’t try and impress everyone by bringing perfumes to cover up the river smell on you! Everyone is in the same boat, literally! Do not be afraid to fully embrace the camping experience. The best part of any camping trip is to be “all in.” The best jokes and memories come when everyone lets go and has a great time.


Moab Rafting


Join us for a fantastic three-day Colorado River Moab rafting trip! The water will be great and the food will be excellent, but the best part of any river trip is the games you played and the awesome memories you made. Take three days to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and explore the magnificent red rock canyon walls of a Moab rafting trip! A perfect trip for the whole family, this adventure will leave memories that last a lifetime!


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