7 Instagram Photos That Will Make You Want to Go Rafting Right Now

By Molly   •   June 27, 2017

There are so many reasons to want to go rafting. River life is perhaps one of last true ways to fully unplug into nature and live like humans used to – before electricity. Perhaps one of the greatest draws to go rafting is the incredible scenery you’ll pass through. You may think that you know an area well. It isn’t until you float the water that you come to understand the unique perspective a raft trip affords. There is something about the power of water, that shapes the raw and natural beauty of everything it touches.


Here at Mild to Wild we are constantly in awe and admiration of the landscapes our adventures take us to. Our guest consistently agree, and do a great job of capturing the inspiring landscapes. If you are ready to go rafting, or if you are just looking for some inspiration for your next river trip, look no further. We picked out these eight Instagram posts because we think they do a great job of appealing to the adventurer in all of us!


1) Go Rafting To Try Something New



A post shared by KO Kopec (@zeppelioness) on

Most of our guests are first time rafters. Rafting in a great activity for almost anyone to try!

2) Go Rafting To Experience Pristine Wilderness


Rafting allows you to reach terrain rarely touched and seen by humans. Many trips run through stretches of wilderness that are miles from any roads our houses. Get out into the wilderness!

3) Go Rafting To Expereince Something Unique


The #DoloresRiver is a magical place! So happy I got to experience the highest CFS in 20 years. #mildtowildrafting #VIPstatus

A post shared by Kristin Bagby (@wannabe.adventurer) on

@wannabe.adventurer was lucky enough get out on the rare and unique Dolores River this season. A once-in-a lifetime trip!

4) Go Rafting To Find An Oasis In The Desert


Coming down the Salt River, in eastern Arizona. #saltriver #rafting #mildtowildrafting #arizona

A post shared by Jason Hlebakos (@hlebakos) on

Whether you are going to the river to cool off, or coming to the desert to warm up, the desert rivers of the southwest are the place to be.

5) Go Rafting To Spend Time With Loved Ones


Terry and MaKenna on the river#colorado #mildtowildrafting#fun

A post shared by Donna Prickett (@dcprickett) on

Rafting is great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. There’s something about the outdoors and adventure that really helps us bond.

6) Go Rafting To Conquer The Rapids


Let’s face it. Whitewater is exciting! Conquering a rapid is the most exhilarating part to any day out on the water.

7) Go Rafting To Just Relax


Guides take care of almost any need on a raft trip. Rafting is truly the best way to completely relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Whether you are gearing up for you are all set for a big rafting trip or you are simply browsing what sort of adventures are out there, Instagram is a great place to go. If you need anymore rafting inspiration, be sure to give any or all of the accounts above a follow!


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