8 Extra Things Not On The Multi-Day Raft Trip Packing List

By Kolben   •   January 6, 2021

8 Extra Things Not On The Multi-Day Raft Trip Packing List

If you are going on a multi-day raft trip, chances are good you’ve already seen the multi-day raft trip packing list (If you haven’t, check it out here). You know the one, list of bullet points depending on the season. One for on the raft and one for in camp. All general basic stuff you need for a day or six on the river. This list is different. This list is all the fun little things that aren’t required, but all too often we think to ourselves “ It sure would be fun if we would have brought…” This is our list of top forgotten items on a multi-day raft trip for a little extra comfort and fun. It’s your vacation after all, why not make sure you have all those little things for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation!

  • A Larger water bottle

Yeti Bottle

All too often we see guests bringing smaller 16oz water bottles with them on the raft. While a smaller bottle may fit into smaller bags or work well when you don’t need to drink much, out on the river it’s hot and dry. You’ll have chances throughout the day to refill your water bottle, but even with those refills, we recommend bringing a 32oz insulated bottle. During the heat of the day, you’ll be surprised at how much water you’ll want to drink. As your paddling, swimming, and relaxing your way down the river you get thirsty! An insulated bottle will keep your drink nice and cold all day long. We recommend the YETI Rambler series bottles for the most premium quality. If you are looking to save some money, there are plenty of other similar bottles out there.

  • Firefly/solar lights

Luci Light

Set the mood for a relaxing evening in your home away from home! A string of firefly lights or a solar-powered Luci Light can really make your campsite feel festive and fun! When the sun drops below the canyon walls, light up the camp kitchen table for a festive tiki bar. For a relaxing winddown, hang a solar light in your tent to cast a glow over your home away from home. It may sound silly, but some accent lighting can really help make the campsite a cozy and fun spot to hang out.

  • Book and or a deck of cards

Desolation Canyon Rafting - Green River - Mild to Wild

If you are like us, you find it hard to find the time to dig into that book you’ve been wanting to read in your day-to-day life. A river trip is a perfect time to unwind in camp or on the boat with a good book. If your not the reading type, a deck of cards is small and a fun way to connect with new friends and family. From Poker to Go Fish, you’re sure to find some other people wanting to pick up a game. As you are packing your day bag, don’t forget a book or deck of cards!

  • Your favorite treat

Treat yo self! Just because you are camping doesn’t mean you have rough it! This is your vacation after all. Bring that little something along that’s going to feel like a reward. Maybe an 80% dark chocolate bar, your favorite whiskey, or a special cigar. Bring whatever you might treat yourself to during any other vacation. Just make sure you pack it in an appropriate manner. No glass on the river. For Mild to Wild trips, ask your guide for some cooler space if you have something you need to keep cool.

  • Cotton sheet

Wait. Cotton sheets? I thought you slept in a sleeping bag on a river trip? Well, not so fast. Just like the solar lights, this is one of those creature comforts that help make your campsite just a bit cozier! While the sleeping pads brought on river trips are comfortable, the thick rubber casing they have to protect them from water and sand isn’t always the most comfortable on a hot summer night. A small cotton sheet to put over your sleeping pad will have you sleeping cool and comfortable as you gaze out the tent at the stary night sky.

  • Wipes

Desolation Canyon White Water Raft Trip – Mild to Wild Rafting & Jeep Tours

There are plenty of opportunities to jump in the river for a dip to cool off or rinse off over the course of a river trip. These swims work pretty well to keep you feeling fresh and cool however they are no shower! At the end of the day, when the time comes to clean off those layers of sunscreen, a few wet wipes will work wonders. Bring a small pack of wet wipes to refresh yourself and go to bed feeling clean and fresh!

  • Chapstick

Green River Rafting in Utah – Mild to Wild Rafting & Jeep Tours

In or the climate-controlled world, it’s easy to forget just how hot and dry the desert of the Southwest can be. Bring some chapstick to keep your lips from cracking while you are oooohing and aaaaaahing at the breathtaking views. As a bonus tip, pick a chapstick that has a loop on the cap and bring a small piece of string to tie the chapstick to your PFD. That way you will have access to lip moisturizer at all times while on the boat.

  • Favorite cotton shirt

Desolation Canyon Rafting - Green River - Mild to Wild

We’re sure you’ve heard it before “cotton kills” and you’ve been told to avoid cotton for outdoor activity. We couldn’t agree more for when you are on the raft – chose clothing that is breathable and quick drying. When you are in camp and sitting around the fire eating dinner, nothing beats the comfort of a good old fashioned cotton shirt. Go ahead, break the rules and bring your favorite cotton shirt for while you are relaxing in camp.

Beyond these 8 “extra” items, be sure to pack everything on the standard multi-day raft trip packing list (available here). While these items are nice to have, they are by no means required. These items will give you a little bit of extra comfort. If you are the minimalist type and like to pack light, then don’t worry about bringing the items on this list. The reality is as long as you show up with the clothes on your back and a good attitude, your going to have an unforgettable time on a multi-day raft trip! We should say that we still recommend packing at least the essentials in addition to the clothes on your back!


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