Gates of Lodore Rafting – Raft Dinosaur National Monument

Gates of Lodore rafting takes you through a landscape of slot canyons and sleepy green valleys, archeological wonders, petroglyphs, and years of history. Travel the same route as the great pioneer, Major John Wesley Powell, during his epic exploration of this continent’s last uncharted wilderness.

Experience thrilling class II and III rapids, with colorful names such as “Hells-Half Mile,” “Disaster Falls” and “SOB” in a raft, or challenge them in an inflatable kayak all spring, summer and fall due to the dam-released water flow. Weave through the canyons of Lodore, Whirlpool, and Split Mountain all within Dinosaur National Monument. Wind through some of the oldest rock in the world that has been left exposed by wind, water and time, as you experience a billion years of history. Discover remnants of a life long ago –including ancient Native American sites and petroglyphs. All this and more will culminate into an epic, one-of-a-kind journey that you’ll cherish forever.

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