Gates of Lodore Quick Facts

Gates of Lodore Quick Facts! Learn more about one of the most scenic trips we have to offer, Gates of Lodore!

The Gates of Lodore is undeniably one of the most special river trips on the continent. Throughout its 43-mile journey from Colorado to Utah, this section of the Green River unravels a rare wilderness seldom ever see. In the meander between billion-year-old quartzite cliffs, days in Lodore are spent completely in the present as we dive into a world of exhilarating whitewater, jaw dropping landscapes, majestic wildlife, and astounding archaeology.

Within the first 10 miles of the journey, Lodore Canyon brings on the froth. Named in 1869 by the Powell Expedition, Disaster Falls sends rafters through an exhilarating Class III drop. Soon after we paddle through Triplet Falls, Hell’s Half Mile, and plenty of other Class II – III drops and wave trains in the days to come.

High water season is typically in early June when the Flaming Gorge Reservoir has its dam release. After the Yampa River confluence, the river’s volume picks up along with the splashes to expect through Split Mountain towards the end of the trip.

Some of the gems to explore in Lodore Canyon include the Rippling Brook waterfall, the Whispering Cave in Echo Park, and the petroglyphs up Jone Hole Creek or Island Park. Also, multiple shady camps provide lush trails and side canyons to get an extra dose of exploring in for the day.

For camp, we arrive each day on a beach beneath beautiful cottonwood trees and sculpted precipices. As the guides set up a comfortable living space (kitchen, common area, bathroom, etc.) along with 3-course dinners and filling breakfasts, you’ll have the time and space to unwind however you like. As for lunch, we usually lay out the spread near a site we’ll be exploring or before a rapid section.

Top Things to Know about Gates of Lodore:

Lodore Canyon length: 45 miles

Lodore Canyon put-in: Lodore Ranger Station

Lodore Canyon take-out: Split Mountain Campground

Lodore Canyon rapid class: Class III and IV

Lodore Canyon’s top rapids: Disaster Falls, Triplet Falls, Hell’s Half Mile

Best for Ages: 7+ at low water, 12+ at high water

Located in: Dinosaur National Monument

Notable Scenery: 2,000 foot quartzite cliffs, lush forests, Yampa River confluence in Echo Park

Notable Sites: Winnie’s Grotto, Early explorer inscriptions, Hanging Garden overlook

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