Salt Shuttle

A great option for private boaters on the Salt River!

We know how difficult it can be to shuttle vehicles back and forth, especially when you’re driving to such a remote location and trying to get out on the river! For this reason, we offer a shuttle service for private boaters and our multi-day guests in the Salt River Canyon. You leave your vehicle with our guides and they get it to your take-out location!

Important Considerations:

  • All vehicles must have liability insurance.
  • All vehicles must be left with enough gas to travel 100 miles.
  • Your vehicle will be there when you take out, but won’t necessarily be delivered the day you drop it off.
  • If our guides are not available, there is a dropbox for your keys.
  • You must fill out a Shuttle Contract form.
  • We will collect payment prior to your shuttle day as there is no way to process credit cards at the Salt River.
  • Call for pricing!