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Rafting: What Goes into the Price of a Trip?

Rafting trips vary in pricing range anywhere from $33 to $1100. There are a variety of factors that go in to the price of each trip.   Length of Trip Trips vary in length from one hour to 21 days. Whether you want to just get the feel of a river, or want to escape […]

River Rafting: Top 5 Safety Tips from Professionals

While enjoying the water on a river rafting trip, you should always have safety in the back of your mind.  You want to be proactive, not reactionary, to anything that could happen. Here are our top five tips to keep you and your loved ones safe on the river.     #1 Wear a PFD […]

Rafting Trip: Choosing the Right Rapids for You

Have you ever been told a river contained a specific class of rapid?  Did this ever confuse you when planning your rafting trip?  Here, we break down what each class of rapid looks and feels like.  We’ve also thrown in some music references to help clarify our points because everyone relates to music and the […]

River Rafting: Team Building for Every Type of Team

So you’re looking for a great team building experience. Nothing brings a group together like shared adventure, working as a team, and of course the beautiful great outdoors. One great way to find all of this in one place is to try out a river rafting trip. With so many different options, it’s easy to […]

Experience Piedra River Rafting

  Have you ever gone on a Piedra River rafting trip?  Have you even heard of this river? Tucked away in Southwest Colorado’s largest and most pristine forest preserve, the Piedra River is truly a river to experience. Whether you’re visiting via raft or on a hike, here are the things to know about the […]

Lots of Snowpack Means Superb River Rafting Adventures!

    With several spring storms rolling through the San Juan Mountains, Mild to Wild Rafting and Jeep Trail Tours is primed for their 20th year of business in Durango, Colorado.  We’re excited for another excellent season filled with a exciting river rafting adventures. March snow reports indicate the Animas River Basin snowpack is at […]

Mild Durango Rafting Options

  Looking for things to do in Durango this summer? There are plenty of wonderful whitewater Durango rafting options for you in and around the area! Many of our milder rivers are perfect for a Durango family outing when you’re visiting Southwest Colorado!

Adventure Dictionary: White Water Rafting Terminology 101

  So what exactly is whitewater? And why do I need a PFD? Being adventurous requires a large vocabulary. Our new Adventure Dictionary Series has you covered and ready for your next family white water rafting trip! WHITEWATER: Named for the whitecapped, frothy appearance found when we experience water that is being disturbed, whether by […]

What to Pack on an Overnight River Rafting Packing Trip

About to hit the river? Be sure you are prepared with this handy packing list! Tried and tested by expert river guides (like our very own Mild to Wild team!), this list contains some items you may not necessarily remember when packing for your overnight excursion…

Share Your Experience!

We really love all of the great reviews and feedback our guests leave after their trips, whether it be on the Salt River in Arizona, the Lower Animas in Durango or a multi-day trip on the Colorado River in Utah, it always makes us smile! It means we’re doing something right and, really, who doesn’t […]

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