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Actually Understanding Important And Astonishing River Ecosystems

Both the Upper and Lower sections of the Animas River flow right through the heart of the San Juan Mountains along and provide some of the most raging and fun-filled rafting in Colorado. The Animas River is the backbone of Southwest Colorado, specifically Durango. The locals take extra caution to care for the Animas River […]

The 12 Days of Mild to Wild Adventure

The 12 Days of Christmas will soon be upon us, but what we can’t wait for is the 12 Days of Adventure that await us next summer! We know it is probably difficult for most folks to get 12 days of fabulous vacation time so let one of our trip consultants help to plan a […]

10 Awesome Whitewater Rafting Trips

If you missed our blog on the Top 5 Colorado River Rafting Trips blog, you can still check it out here, but for those river enthusiasts looking to break out of the great Colorful Colorado, here are the top 10 river rafting trips in the United States according to Guide Neil. These include some of […]

How To: Stay Safe on Your Outdoor Adventure

There are several ways you can prepare yourself for an outdoor adventure. Whether it be for backpacking, snow shoeing, white water rafting, skiing, kayaking, camping or even for a simple, short day hike; it is good to have knowledge of the area you are traveling in (weather, terrain) and knowledge about yourself and your limits. […]

A Fall Day at Mild to Wild

Our off season is less than 5 months long. We end our jeep trail tours in early October and start Arizona rafting by late February/early March. While spending time with us this summer, you may have wondered: “What do these folks do at the end of the season?” Well here’s your video blog answer. We […]

How To: Surf a Wave in a Raft

 1) Position yourself in an eddy next to the feature. (If there are no eddies, you have to come in from upstream paddling up river so you can slow your boat in order to catch the wave.) 2) Paddle into the wave. Be careful to paddle into the wave with enough force to catch the […]

How To: Flip a Raft Back Over

1) Jump on top of the boat   2) Attach your flip line to the chicken line or a D ring on the side of the boat 3) Pull the line towards you and into the water

Whitewater Rafting Is Better Than A Theme Park

Believe it or not, there are people out there who will try to convince you to spend your hard-earned vacation time doing something other than a life-changing, soul-satisfying whitewater rafting trip… Here’s why you should choose a rafting trip instead: 1. Our scenery is better than the scenery waiting in line for the next ride. […]

When is the best time to raft?

As you look to the New Year, and plan your fun and adventures, it is helpful to know that the intensity of a river adventure can vary throughout the season. Two factors affect water levels: how hot it is, and how much moisture there is (rain, or snow melt). Generally speaking, rivers, that are non […]

Choosing the Best Adventure Vacation For You

Lots of Important Considerations! Adventure vacations offer travelers the chance to take part in a variety of actives such as whitewater river rafting trips, inflatable kayaks, jeep trail tours, horse back riding, whitewater hard shell kayak trips, scenic flat-water kayak trips, ATV tours, snowmobile tours, ski trips and many more! There are trip options available […]

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