5 Things You’ll Learn in a Guide Certification Course Even If You Don’t Want to Become a Guide

By Kolben   •   February 10, 2019

5 Things You’ll Learn in a Guide Certification Course Even If You Don’t Want to Become a Guide

1. Load Your Boat Wherever, Whenever

If you love to be able to take off on an adventure on a whim, being able to confidently navigate your own boat is essential to launching spontaneous trips. On day trips and multi-day adventures, Mild to Wild coordinates your meals, equipment, shuttling, and route planning. However, some people consider this part of the fun! If you want to be able to catch your favorite rapid on the perfect high water day, taking our guide certification course will allow you to be able to execute your ideal trip with confidence and ease.

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2. Impress Your Friends with Expert Skill and Muscles of Steel

Who doesn’t love showing off every once in a while? Guide certification focuses on hard and soft skills like reading the river, navigating challenging rapids, facilitating team building, and creating a fun atmosphere. You’ll learn to read the river like an expert instead of relying on memorized routes. I mean come on, you’ll be able to navigate an entire raft full of equipment by yourself. That’s something to brag about. Plus, the more you raft, the more muscle you’ll build. Wearing that tank top just gained more incentive than just getting a nice tan – you can show off your shredded biceps and abs of steel!

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3. Don’t Be a Jerry, Prioritize Safety to Maximize Fun

Rafting without a certification or formal training is dangerous. Most people wouldn’t head out to backcountry ski without some sort of avalanche safety education or certification – rafting is no different! You may be able to navigate rapids during perfect conditions, but what happens when the weather turns sour? Those “what-if” moments are what certifications are for! Mild to Wild’s guide certification will help you think on your feet and make decisions in the planning process that limit critical errors so that you, your friends, and family can have a fun time without getting into a dangerous situation.

This guy definitely had his guide certification.

4. Meet Your New Best Friend

Sometimes mountain towns and transient outdoor lifestyles make it challenging to find friends and keep them. In your guide certification course, you’ll meet a wide range of people who share similar lifestyles and industry. Let me put it this way, you won’t have to explain why you live every moment of your day thinking about your next adventure or have to explain how it really isn’t a big deal to go to the bathroom outside. Many guide school students have walked away with a new best friend, industry connection, or new river partner. Remember how we said you’d learn how to mitigate risk? Having a reliable and knowledgable partner is key to river safety. So after guide school, you probably won’t even have to think twice about who to call for your spontaneous river adventure – you’ll have your new best friend on speed dial.

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5. Become a Professional River Chef

Blueberry pancakes, cheesy lasagna, gourmet salads, sizzling steaks, and pineapple upside down cake. Put on your cheesiest apron and get your chef knife out  – it’s time to cook up the best meal of your life. A guide certification course goes beyond just preparing you to navigate the river. You’ll also learn how to make just about anything in a dutch oven. Wave goodbye to packages of hotdogs and s’mores ingredients, steaks are the new main river entree in town! Can’t wait to get started cooking delicious one-pot-meals? Check out this easy lemon blueberry dump cake recipe.

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You Don’t Have to Live the Dirtbag Life to Join a Guide Certification Course

Plenty of people pursue a guide certification who live in a nice warm house, have a family, and work a full-time job. Trust us, we have nothing against our friends who wash their clothes once a month and live out of a van. They’re some of our best friends! We’re just sayin’ – guide school is for everyone who loves being on the river and wants to add a few more river rafting tools to their tool belt. From packing, to paddling, to cooking and tour-guiding, guide school has you covered with all the new knowledge you need to make all your single and multi-day dreams on the river come true! Plus, who doesn’t want to go on a 16-day trip with the best people on earth? Sign-up on our website!

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