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What to Pack for Your Utah Rafting Adventures

What to Pack for Your Utah Rafting Adventures You know that saying if you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes? It applies wholeheartedly out in the desert. When a clear sky seems to last for eternity and the sun is beating down, you couldn’t possibly imagine throwing on another layer let alone a […]

10 Helpful Travel Tips for Visiting Durango

10 Helpful Travel Tips for Visiting Durango  You might recognize Durango when you arrive . . . after all, its steam-powered locomotive was attacked by bandits in “The Lone Ranger.” This tourist loving mountain town in Southwest Colorado is a gateway to the state’s most stunning natural attractions. If it’s your first trip to Durango, […]

Southwest Adventure: Top 4 Essentials You Need To Be Prepared

What To Keep In Mind for Your Southwest Adventure The southwest has so much to offer when it comes to outdoor adventure. Make the most of your southwest adventure with a rafting trip in Colorado, Arizona, or Utah, a Colorado jeep tour, or a Mesa Verde discovery tour! Start of your 2016 southwest adventure with […]

Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy and Active While Traveling

  Long drives during summer road trips can take a lot out of the kids and consequently, you. Living in Southwest Colorado, it takes awhile to get from one place to another, with at least an hour’s drive between most cities. Over the years, we’ve developed some tips and tricks for keeping the kids active […]

What to Pack on an Overnight River Rafting Packing Trip

About to hit the river? Be sure you are prepared with this handy packing list! Tried and tested by expert river guides (like our very own Mild to Wild team!), this list contains some items you may not necessarily remember when packing for your overnight excursion…

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