Arizona Spring Training Sure Fire Excitment

By Mild to Wild   •   February 14, 2017

In this article we’ll go over Arizona spring training and other adventures that are perfect for visitors coming to watch the cactus league players. Read on for helpful information and tips on the unique experience that is Arizona spring training.


Arizona Spring Training

About Arizona Spring Training:


Every year MLB teams from across the nation head to the sunbelt for Arizona spring training. It is a long standing tradition for major league teams to pack up and head south every winter. The warm weather, abundant sunshine and high quality facilities make it perfect for winter training. Locals and tourist alike are drawn to the fields every year for the chance to see the big name players. During the month of March teams compete with each other in practice games. This league of practice games is called the Cactus League. games are open to public, with tickets at a fraction of the cost of in season games. This makes March a popular time for tourist to come to Arizona.


Arizona Spring Training


The cactus league is unique for several reasons. First off, all the games take place almost entirely in one month, with games everyday. It’s perfect for spring break trips! Additionally all the games take place in the greater Phoenix area. These games are played at smaller stadiums, which make for a more intimate game experience. Arizona spring training is perfect for baseball fans because they can get closer to the players, and see more games on a smaller budget. For tourist coming to Arizona for spring training, it’s the perfect time to experience all of the excitement Arizona has to offer.


Arizona Spring Training

Arizona Spring Training is More Than Just Baseball:


Arizona Spring Training


For those traveling to Arizona for the Cactus League games, it’s the perfect opportunity to try some of the other exciting activities Arizona has to offer. Located close to Phoenix, the Salt River is a convenient way to take a day off from Baseball. The peak season on the Salt river is the middle of march – right during the middle of the Cactus League. Find a day when your team isn’t playing and take the day to head north to the Salt River Canyon. Just a short drive from phoenix is the some of the best white water rafting Arizona has to offer. Take in the natural beauty of the Arizona landscape and gain a better understanding of why the Major League teams come to this unique part of the country.


The Best Arizona Spring Training Rafting Trips


Mild to Wild Rafting offers a wide variety of trips, with one sure to fit the needs of your Arizona spring training experience. For a quick day trip on the Salt River we recommend the Express Trip. With a start time of 10:00AM it gives you ample time to travel from the baseball stadiums of phoenix to the remote & stunning Salt River canyon.


Arizona Spring Training

If you have time for the complete Salt River white water experience, check out the Dash of Salt Trip. This trip is a single day trip, but packed full of all the thrilling rapids you would experience on the two day trip. Only take a day off of the Baseball games, and still get the full white water rafting Arizona experience!


Arizona Spring Training


Mix up your Arizona spring training schedule and book a raft trip today!


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