Whitewater Kayaking Trips

Whitewater Adventure Trips in Arizona, Colorado & Utah

Inflatable Kayak Description:

Take control of your own destiny and increase the level of adventure on four of our rivers by taking it on in an inflatable kayak! These kayaking trips are available on the Lower Animas River, Salt River, Verde River and the Colorado River. Inflatable kayaks (a.k.a. “duckies”) are a great way to up the ante on your river experience. The smaller the boat, the bigger the wave! No experience is necessary! Inflatable kayaks are shaped like a canoe, paddled like a kayak and inflated like a raft. They are maneuverable and open (not enclosed), so you do not need to know how to roll like in a hard shell kayak. Our instructional guide teaches you how to “surf,” catch an “eddy,” and demonstrates the best route down the river. In case you take a swim, they are there to help you, too! We provide everything you need: Instructor, inflatable kayak, personal floatation device, helmet, double-bladed paddle. All you need to bring is your sense of humor and adventure! When the river is too high and dangerous for inflatable kayaks, we substitute the Premium Boat.

Inflatable Kayak Trip Highlights:

  • Step up the level of adventure in a smaller boat which makes the waves/rapids seem bigger
  • Control your own destiny under the careful eye of an instructor
  • Learn to “surf” and “catch eddies”
  • Get a more intimate experience with the river

Special Ways We Care for You on our Inflatable Kayak Trips:

  • Safety orientation and land instruction prior to getting on the river
  • Instructional guide leads the trip from an inflatable kayak or kayak (except on the Colorado river)
  • Low guide to guest ratio – depending on water flow – at the most 1 guide to 5 guests.
  • Full line of wetsuit equipment rentals (wetsuits are included on all Salt River trips)
  • Free helmet and splash jackets

Kayaking Trip Options

Lower Animas River

Discover a different view of Durango on a more adventurous inflatable kayak. Conquer Class I “fast moving water,” a few Class II “splashes” and one to three Class III “wet and fun” rapids (depending on water flow). Trip Options: Economy, Half Day and 3/4-Day.

Salt River

If you’re ready for the ultimate challenge, take on the Salt River Canyon in an inflatable kayak! This option should only be considered by the truly adventurous. (Kayak tours available for groups of 8+) Trip Options: One Day, Half Day

Colorado River

Spin, paddle and surf your way down Utah’s legendary Colorado River while exploring Moab’s Castle Valley and Fisher Towers in your very own inflatable kayak. Trip Options: AM Half Day, PM Half Day, One Day, Two Day, Three Day

Verde River

Paddle yourself down Arizona’s only designated “Wild & Scenic” waterway. Due to the short, unpredictable water flow, this river is a real gem to catch! Learn More.