Telluride Rafting One Day San Miguel River Trip

CLICK on the video to see the San Miguel in action!
Season: May – Late July
Class: Upper Section: Lower Section: Constant Class II with intermittent Class III Class II Rapids
Meet Time: 9:45 AM

Experience the beautiful red rock canyon and fun splashes

Treat yourself to an exhilarating one day rafting trip on Telluride’s little known San Miguel River. Experience constant, splashy whitewater as you paddle through Class II “splashes” and Class III “wet and fun” rapids! The narrow waterway of the San Miguel twists through gorgeous red rock walls and green pine trees. Don’t forget to paddle while you take in the scenery!

If you’re looking for an intermediate trip with some bigger Class IV drops, check out the Upper Box of the Piedra River!

Standard Rafts

15 foot self-bailing rafts. Be prepared to paddle, paddle paddle around rocks and logs and down chutes on this twisting waterway. Age: 10 & up
Adventure: Intermediate
Cost: $148* per person

*Additional River/Land Access Fees not included


  • Check in, sign release forms and get dressed for the river! Wetsuit and bootie rentals are highly recommend all season.
  • Shuttle to river for your safety orientation.
  • Hit the river!
  • Enjoy the continuous Class II splashes of the fast flowing San Miguel River.
  • Challenge the Class III rapids of “Three Sisters”and “Saw Pit”.
  • Stop out for a riverside deli style lunch.
  • Paddle through more continuous Class II rapids.
  • Take out and shuttle back!
  • Arrive back to your car at approximately 4:00 PM.
* Please note that all itineraries are subject to change due to river conditions.

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