Meals & Camping

Salt River Rafting


You will have time to explore the beauty of the canyon on side hikes, some guided and some on your own. Bring sturdy hiking footwear and clothing for these incredible journeys.

Drinking Water

Hydration is one of the most important things on a backcountry desert adventure. We will provide plenty of drinking water that is always accessible on the boat and at camp. A refillable water bottle, along with your amazing memories, come as a keepsake from us at Mild to Wild.


In line with protecting and caring for our rivers, please bring biodegradable soap to bathe. If you would like to rinse off your biodegradable soap, it is preferred that you do so at least 200 feet from any of the rivers and streams. If this makes no sense, its because even biodegradable soap disrupts and damages algae and other marine life of the river. Feel free to bring a solar shower.

Portable Toilet

We love our rivers and natural lands, so we don’t make a litter box out of them. We pack out all solid human waste with a portable toilet (groover) that is set up each day at camp. The guides will find an easy to access and secluded spot for the toilet at each camp, usually with an amazing view! We make sure you have privacy at the groover with a two toned paddle that is kept a good distance away to signal when someone is in the bathroom.

Women Specific Concerns

We recommend you come prepared for your period even if you aren’t expecting it. There will be tampons and pads provided that are meant for backups, but please bring your own. You can use Ziploc bags to store feminine products while on the river and then dispose of them in the groover once at camp.


The use of medicinal or recreational marijuana is illegal on federal lands, so we ask that you abstain from bringing any on your trip.


Our trips travel through dry, arid climates that often have threats of fire or air quality impacts due to fire. If you have asthma, air conditions during the dry months are something to consider when picking your trip and packing. We may change the logistics of our trip due to fire conditions in the area.


Our managing agencies prohibit firearms on the trip. Leave any firearms at home.

Beverages & Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol is not permitted on the rafts, but feel free to crack a cold one at camp! Please purchase your alcohol in moderation and prior to your trip meet time.

Keep in mind that we need to be respectful of other guests on the trip who may not consume alcohol, and remember that we don’t carry glass containers on the river!

Physical Preparation

Rafting, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and just being outside, in general, can take a lot out of anybody.

Let us know of any physical limitations in advance of your trip so we can work with you to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.