What to Wear on a Whitewater Raft Trip

What to Wear on a River Trip

  • Swimsuit/nylon shorts (avoid cotton because it stays the temperature of the water and keeps you cold)
  • Shoes that can get wet or secure sandals with heel straps
  • Wetsuits for spring trips (available for rent)
  • Wetsuit boots all season (available for rent)
  • Fleece jacket and fleece socks (not necessary – just provides added -warmth if you tend to get cold)

For Rivers With Class I, II, & III rapids:

Wear quick-drying clothes like nylon shorts and a swimsuit with shoes that can get wet (they must have a strap around the heel, no flip flops or slide on shoes). In spring and on high water trips wool, fleece or any synthetic garment is recommended. These materials stay warm when wet, unlike cotton which stays the temperature of the water. We have wetsuits, fleece and wetsuit boots available for rent in all sizes from small children through large adults (up to 300+ pounds).

For Rivers with Class IV & V Rapids:

Wetsuits and wetsuit boots are required and wool, fleece, and synthetic jackets and socks are recommended. We recommend you arrive at the trip’s designated meeting location with a swimsuit under your clothes so you can easily slide the wetsuit over your swimsuit. Overnight trips require camping equipment (tent, 10 degree sleeping bag, pad or cot if desired – high quality rentals available) and personal gear (warm camp clothes, extra fleece jacket, rain gear, bug spray, toiletries, extra socks, warm jacket, hiking boots/shoes, warm hat, gloves…). Don’t forget your waterproof camera, eyeglass straps, water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, and a sun hat as well as your sense of humor and adventure!

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