Mild to Wild Guide Certification Classes

Mild to Wild offers both a basic and comprehensive guide school for anyone interested in learning the ropes on how to be a star river guide.

  • The whitewater experts for 25+ years, Mild to Wild has trained hundreds of guides.
  • Instructors are state certified to teach.
  • Learn to read the river, not memorize the route (which changes as the water levels change).
  • Learn to operate paddle rafts and oar-rigged rafts.
  • Learn rescue techniques.
  • We teach you to be the complete guide from guest services, safety, rigging, rescue, how to provide the best guest experience.

Upon completion of either course, you will exceed the requirements of a Class III river guide (subject to completion of separate first-aid and CPR training). These are intensive courses that emphasize skill training and personal development among the spectacular setting of deep rock canyons and river corridors.

Skills you’ll learn are:

  • Leadership and Group Dynamics
  • Guest Care, Camp and Meal Preparation
  • Crew Orientation
  • River Rescue
  • Raft Rigging
  • River Reading and River Navigation in both Oar and Paddle Boat Rafts

Tuition includes state-certified instructors, transportation from our meeting point, PFD (life jacket), helmet and boating equipment.

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