Lower Piedra River Extreme Whitewater – High Adventure Rafting

Paddle through 1,000 foot deep canyons, alpine forests, heart-pounding whitewater and then stop at a soothing riverside hot springs while you experience this exquisite Rocky Mountain jewel! Dropping down some of the biggest drops we run on any river, Piedra River rafting provides a true adrenaline rush. “The River of Stone Wall” (Piedra means rock) lives up to its name with towering granite walls, and a boulder-strewn river bed. Highly regulated by the Forest Service, this river has restricted access to maintain its pristine, wilderness nature. Whitewater river rafting satisfaction is guaranteed on the stair-step, “big drop,” pool rapids.

The Two Day trip of Piedra River rafting combines the Upper Box and the Lower Box into one multi-day adventure! Starting at the headwaters of the Piedra River on the Upper Box, we “warm-up” by bumping and grinding our way through technical rapids as we watch creek after creek cascade into the river. As the river volume grows, so do the rapids, especially as we enter the Lower Box which escalates the river to a raging torrent of huge drops and chutes. Bear and elk are often spotted along the banks of the Piedra River trail and if we are really lucky, they are forging the river in front of us! And maybe you’ll even discover freshwater otters playing in the mountain waters of the Piedra River. This two-day adventure delivers excitement, relaxation, and rejuvenation!

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