Lower Animas Boat Options Explained

Mild to Wild Durango Rafting Page:


Take control of your Lower Animas destiny with three exciting boating options: standard rafts, premium rafts, and inflatable kayaks! Here at Mild to Wild, we want to make your Durango rafting adventure as fun for you and your group as possible by providing these three Lower Animas boat options.

For the classic quick and easy Lower Animas rafting experience, choose the Standard Raft option! With up to ten guests per boat and suitable for rafters of all skill levels, our standard rafts are an excellent, affordable choice for those looking to head straight out on a Durango rafting adventure!

If you’re looking for a more private and personable trip, then choose our Premium Raft option! Enjoy a smaller guide to guest ratio, and, if you’re a beginner or rafting with small children, you can rest assured knowing this is our most mild option. Last but not least, we have a single-person Inflatable Kayak option!

If you’re looking to maximize the wildness of your adventure, then choose our inflatable kayak! Be prepared for some exciting splashes as well as a bit of a workout as you paddle your way downriver!


Learn more about our Lower Animas boat options by visiting our Durango Rafting page linked below!


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