How To Pack Your Dry Bag For A Multi-day Rafting Trip

Multi-day expert Lucy breaks down the steps for packing an overnight dry bag for your next rafting trip.


We recommend packing all of the items you won’t need until you arrive at camp here as it will be strapped down to the gear boat and are mainly inaccessible until you arrive at camp for the night.  For example, you might want to include your tent, sleeping bag, clothes toiletries, camera bag, and any other bonus items you won’t need till later in the day.


Furthermore, Mild to Wild provides complimentary day bags that you can access while on the river and strap to your raft during the day. Items such as sunscreen, lotion, sunglasses, extra layers, and, medications would be great to bring.


Additionally, there are items that we don’t recommend bringing such as computers, vacuums and eggs. The beauty of multi-day trips is being able to rejuvenate and relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery and rapids.

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