Cataract Canyon Quick Facts

Cataract Canyon is located in Canyonlands National Park, and is one of the craziest canyons in the US.

Top Things to Know about Cataract Canyon:

Cataract Canyon length: 96 miles

Cataract Canyon put-in: Potash

Cataract Canyon take-out: Hite Marina

Cataract Canyon rapid class: Class III, IV and V

Cataract Canyon’s top rapids: Big Drops 2 & 3, Capsize, Rapid 5

Best for Ages: 10+ low water, 14+ high water

Notable scenery: Dramatic Red Sandstone, Dead Horse State Park, Green River Confluence

Notable sites: Ancient granaries, Horseshoe bend hike, Petrified wood field, Tex’s Grotto, Doll’s House

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