Desolation Canyon Rafting


Verify you have all that is suggested on the packing list and that your flight or shuttle arrangements have been made. If in Moab, check into our office (745 Kane Creek Boulevard, Moab, UT 84532) at 10 AM for a pre-trip organizational meeting. If you have alcohol or don’t want to fly with anything, we’ll take that equipment at this time. If flying, be sure all of your gear is packed into a bag weighing no more than 25 pounds.


You will catch your flight with Red Tail Aviation departing from the Canyonlands Airport. Directions to the airport and instructions for once you arrive will be given at the pre-trip orientation the day prior. Enjoy the jaw-dropping scenic flight from Moab to our put-in location at Sand Wash. If you are driving, we’ll meet you at Sand Wash at 9:30 AM.

Wear hiking or tennis shoes for the 1.5-mile hike down into the canyon where our boats are already rigged and waiting for you. Don’t forget to bring bug repellent as there’s usually a party of mosquitos at the put-in. To escape the pests, we will most likely provide a thorough safety orientation on this flat water section. We frequently have motor assist for this calm, flat section of the Green River. You’ll have time to relax and get acquainted with your guides and fellow adventurers!

Our picnic lunch is mid-afternoon on one of many sandy beaches. Pack some good snacks to hold yourself and the kiddos over until then. We recommend a fanny pack to keep these essentials nearby.

After 4-5 hours on the river, including lunch, you will arrive at another fantastic beach for camp. While your guides set up the outdoor living spaces (kitchen, camp chairs, groover- the portable toilet), you can settle in by setting up your tent. Once home is set for the evening, you’ll have plenty of time to lounge on the beach, explore hikes, start a game, or anything that means relaxation to you! Enjoy hors-d’oeuvres while the guides prepare a delicious gourmet dinner followed by dessert. As the sun sinks behind the canyon walls you’ll have a campfire to keep you cozy. Share stories or simply stargaze under the glimmering Milky Way. Drift off whenever you please into a deep night’s sleep.  


Wake to the smell of fresh coffee and a crackling fire. If you’re up and at ‘em, you can catch a breathtaking sunrise painting the canyon with vibrant, Instagram-worthy hues. After a hot and filling breakfast, the guides will get the day going by breaking down camp while you pack up your gear and tent. Once the boat is rigged, you’ll get back on the river for a day of awesome adventures. 

Your upcoming days in this deep canyon bring numerous thrilling rapids, 40 million years of geologic history, petroglyphs, outlaw caverns like Butch Cassidy’s abandoned hideout, and ancient Native American ruins.

The rapids increase in intensity and excitement as you travel down the Green River. Things calm down towards the end of your journey as we prepare to say goodbye to Desolation. At Swasey’s boat ramp, we will shuttle back to Moab, Utah. The adventure doesn’t have to end there though, as Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park are waiting nearby to accompany the grandeur of your Utah adventure. 

Important Note: As the river is different every time it is run, so is each trip! Depending on water flows, the number of participants, and other circumstances Mother Nature imposes, our itineraries are just an estimate!