Why You Should Take Your Group Rafting, and How it Makes Your Trip Way Easier 

By Kim Cassels   •   March 12, 2022

Why You Should Take Your Group Rafting, and How it Makes Your Trip Way Easier 

Kayaks And Rafts Scenic View - Desolation Canyon - Mild to Wild Rafting

Everyone loves a good adventure, so why not take your group rafting! And while we might be shamelessly partial on this, we think a river trip is truly one of the best ways to bring people together with a fun and memorable experience.

We get it though, a group rafting trip may not be the very first thing you’ve thought of while planning a trip for your crew. After all, it may seem like a lot of work to coordinate a wilderness trip that involves a whole lot of gear and logistics.

Well, almighty organizer, you’ll be just tickled to know that it’s actually one of the easiest ways to get your group together in the outdoors. These trips allow you to take the nitty gritty details of supplies, transportation, food, entertainment, yada yada, off your plate. All you and your posse will have to do is basically show up and have a great time!

Here’s the full scoop of why your should take your group rafting, whether it’s for a family reunion, Scout group, field trip, retreat, a part of a wedding weekend, and so on and so on!

It Makes for a More Memorable Experience

Colorado River Whitewater Rafting - Moab, UT - Mild to Wild Rafting

Not everyone gets to go rafting on a regular basis, or even once in a lifetime. So why not up the ante up on your group outing by giving people a unique experience involving water, wilderness, excitement and relaxation all at the same time! Also, who doesn’t love a good dose of nutritious sunshine and fresh air with a boat involved? 

People always come back with lifelong stories from river trips, whether they involve busting through walls of white water on a mountain river, or experiencing the quieter moments of a wild desert canyon. These types of trips call for people to truly have quality time together— where cell service is often absent and the experience itself puts everyone in the present moment. 

Different rivers obviously come with different attributes, and there’s a waterway for everyone out there. Not every rafting trip is the kind where your group will have to aggressively paddle the entire time, like float trips in Castle Valley that have long calm sections to chatting, swimming and relaxing. Although if your group IS looking to splash their faces off on Mother Nature’s roller coasters, definitely check out Southwest Colorado River trips like the San Miguel or Piedra.

Exciting Day Trips on the San Miguel – Constant Fun Rapids

Rejuvenating 3 Day Trips in Lodore Canyon 

Activities Will Be Far More Fun

Colorado River-Moab Utah-Mild to Wild Rafting

River trips add another layer of fun to the games or activities you have planned for your group. For example, if you’re taking a bunch of kids rafting for a field trip, scout group or after school program— adapt that leadership activity to do it in an inflatable kayak, or run the potato sack race in the sandiest part of the beach. Maybe your family reunions always involve a volleyball or kickball game— embrace the beautiful, wide open spaces of your camp along the river.

Or! Let the rafting trip take the load off of planning games for your group in the first place! Since, you know, rafting is quite the activity in and of itself. And if that doesn’t sound like it will be enough entertainment, plenty of river trips allow people kayak, stand up paddle board, swim, hike, catch up of life with old friends, embrace their creativity, and so much more. After all, river trips are all about fun and relaxation, which your group will greatly appreciate.

Fun Kayak Trips in Castle Valley 

Unforgettable 5 Day Trips in Desolation Canyon 

Guides Take Care of Multiple Logistics for You 

Desolation Camp Appetizer - Desolation Canyon - Mild to Wild Rafting

At first glance, group rafting trips can seem like they add a whole other layer of work to the to-do list, but they actually free up a lot of details for the host. Since your river guides are in charge of executing the trip, the organizer won’t have to worry about shuttle transportation, safety, food preparation, or entertainment. 

You’ll have a team of well-experienced raft guides to keep track of the people in your group along with establishing and communicating safety protocols. When it comes to food, the guides will pack, prepare and serve up delicious meals on the trip. On multi-day trips, groups will enjoy handmade meals three times a day, along with a full camp setup. On full-day trips, groups will enjoy the huge deli spreads for lunch. 

Guides are also natural entertainers, and tend to have very upbeat and fun personalities. After all, they kind of have the best jobs ever! This helps alleviate a lot of responsibility for the group host, letting them take part in the experience rather than having the responsibility as MC. 

¾ Day Trips on the Animas River 

Exclusive 5 Day Trips on the Yampa River  

You’ll Save More Time and Money 

Yampa River Rafting - Dinosaur National Monument - Mild to Wild Rafting

Group rafting trips can save you between 10% – 20% depending on the size of your crew. Plus, Mild to Wild provides all the gear you’ll need to get out on the river and explore the wilderness. All your group will have to handle is their own personal belongings. 

When planning your trip, adventure consultants make it easy from the start to coordinate a group rafting experience. From helping you choose the right trip, to the needs of each individual coming along, they’ll cover all the logistics you need. Once you show up, the guides will help you every step of the way to have the best, most memorable experience possible. 

Groups Sizes and Discounts for Day Trips in Colorado and Utah:

10 – 24 Guests save 10%

25 – 49 Guests save 15%

50+ Guests save 20%

Group Sizes and Discounts for Multi-Day Trip in Arizona, Colorado and Utah: 

8-16 Guests: 10% off Rate

17-24 Guests: 15% off Rate


Wondering if a Group Rafting Trip is right for your get together or event? Give us a call today to see what these adventures are all about! 

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