What Does Mild to Wild Do In the Off Season?

By Mild to Wild   •   July 7, 2015


Since we don’t have many clients wanting to take on our rivers in the winter, we fill our time with other activities!


1. The Hockey Shop at Mild to Wild

Yes, we transform into a hockey shop and we become experts in hockey gear and skate sharpening. Next time you are in our office in the summer, see if you can spot some hockey evidence.


2. Reflection

We reflect. What did we do well over the past season and what can we improve on? We love our clients feedback so please share your thoughts with us by emailing, calling, or posting a review on Facebook, Trip Advisor, Google+ or Yelp.


3. Study

We become students. We attend educational seminars and industry conferences such as America Outdoors. Here we learn great customer service skills and investigate and purchase the best equipment.


4. Action

We put our reflection into action and set our goals for improvement! Our winter team for this year is Alex, Molly, Drew, Jadea, and Lynnea.


5. Testing

We test what is to be our summer rivers – the snow! Yes, this is very important for us to be sure that it is the right consistency to make our rivers just right for our clients…you!


Please let us know what we can do for you in the off season!

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