A truly fantastic river trip!

By Molly   •   May 3, 2018

I’m a high school math teacher in Durango, and each year, I work with Mild 2 Wild to put together a week long river trip for about 15 students. Mild 2 Wild is so flexible and easy to work with. They are prompt when returning emails and phone calls and have put together 4 fantastic trips each year. They have taken such good care of our students, making sure they stay fed, warm all while making sure they are smiling and laughing. As a chaperone, they made my job as a teacher so much easier to watch my students and make sure they were behaving appropriately and also making sure I can enjoy the scenery and fun of the river trip as well.

Mild 2 Wild has made my job as a teacher so easy and kids are so excited to go on the river trip every year. So flexible and organized. LOVE everything about them!

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