Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy and Active While Traveling

By Molly   •   June 9, 2014


Long drives during summer road trips can take a lot out of the kids and consequently, you. Living in Southwest Colorado, it takes awhile to get from one place to another, with at least an hour’s drive between most cities. Over the years, we’ve developed some tips and tricks for keeping the kids active and healthy while on the road.

If you’re camping, be camping ready


I keep our tent, sleeping bags, camping pads and camp chairs in the car top carrier all summer long. That way we just have to throw in some food and hit the road for a quick camping trip when we have a night free. Camping naturally involves being more active without the TV, computer, cell phones, etc. to influence.


Stop at waysides in lue of gas stations

At waysides there are a grassy areas to do some jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups and there isn’t all that gas station junk food to tempt the kids, or you!


Pack healthy road trip snacks


I pack a cooler full of sparkling mineral waters and healthier snack options – apples and peanut butter, raisons, carrots, granolas bars, popcorn and yogurt pretzels.


Keep the kids involved in activities and games


The more activities the kids are in, the less downtime they have to play on their phones, the iPad, or watch TV. Also pack books and trivia cards to play instead of electronics when there is some downtime.



Always keep some active toys in your car


I like to keep a frisbee, soccer ball or beach ball, hackie sack and slackline. When we have a few spare moments while stopping at waysides we get them out and play together.

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