This was My, ‘long time to wait’ Yampa river trip!

By Mild to Wild   •   May 31, 2024

It was unnerving that we didn’t meet Saturday evening, the night before take off, to get Our dry bags, so I could get it packed. (I am not sure who made this call?) I was trying to be ready and timely. I have not done a river trip for awhile, so the packing of a dry bag was a bit of a challenge. Maybe the dry bags could have been dropped off the evening before without the meet and greet.

Onward, the whole trip was awesome from Mitch’s pick up to the final tour of the quarry & return drop. Hayden & Brandon worked together very well. They complimented each other with their knowledge of the geographical formation of Thee Yampa. Brandon did an incredible presentation, on a beach, of the timeline of the formation, that I think will be with me for a very long time.

They made decent food, although I would like to have the option of more whole grained. They cleaned up efficiently. Thee reminders to wash Our paws was greatly appreciated…I was informed on other river trips that we could use vinegar for wiping down surfaces to help offset the acidity of the bleach in the fragile river environment. Also the use of Castile soaps for hand washing when anti bacterial is not needed… Their skills as Oarsman was greatly appreciated, wet when needed and dry when necessary.

They showed concerned for Our health & well being… So I would like to give a 5 star to the guides on the trip, but the ding 4.5 comes from pre prep and lack of grains in Our diet… So onward to my awesome incredible River rafting trip with Mild 2 Wild..

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