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A New Perspective on the Beautiful Dolores River Rafting

Dolores River Rafting is back! For the first time in over a decade the Dolores River will receive consistent flow releases from McPhee reservoir. That means consistent rafting on this extremely special and unique river. A true classic western river, the Dolores is on par with the greats: the Grand Canyon, the Salmon River and […]

Salt River AZ Surging Rapids Of Guaranteed Excitement

Surely you’ve heard of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, right? But have you heard of Arizona’s best-kept secret? The Salt River Canyon, known as the “other Grand Canyon” is a 2,000 foot canyon, soaring high above the Salt River AZ. The Salt River AZ valley is home to desert cacti and flowers as well as […]

Rafting in Arizona is Absolutely Amazing

Rafting in Arizona is jaw dropping amazing. We’ve said it before. We’ll probably say it again. Hardcore whitewater enthusiast or Sunday afternoon tubers. Arizona has a river for you. From three week wilderness trips to short and sweet whitewater day runs. Arizona has an experience for you. We are so into the rafting in Arizona […]

Salt River Rafting – Five Reasons it’s the Best in AZ

Salt River Rafting. The Salt River in Arizona is some of the best whitewater rafting in the US. Rafting enthusiast will bicker endlessly when it comes to ranking the rivers of Arizona. Here’s why the Salt River is the best white water rafting out of all AZ has to offer. Disagree with us? Let us […]

White Water Rafting Arizona

White water rafting Arizona? To most people that can only mean the the Grand Canyon. But have you heard of the Salt River? The white water rafting Arizona offers isn’t complete without a trip on the Salt River. Near Phoenix and Tucson, this river provides some of the best rafting in Arizona. Don’t have 10-14 […]

Mild to Wild’s Guide to the Perfect Gift

  With the holidays coming up, finding the perfect gift can be difficult. There is always a new gadget, new toys, new material objects. So why not give them the gift of memories? Our forte is finding the perfect trip for everyone – and we’ve listed some ideas below. The Perfect Gift For the Family […]

The Most Extreme Whitewater Rafting in the US

The Most Extreme Whitewater Rafting in the US Looking for a whitewater rafting adventure that you’ll be thinking about long after you’ve peeled off the wetsuit? Perhaps ones that come with drops that suspend you in an adrenaline-induced euphoria? Holes the size of your car? Waves so imposing that they crash in slow motion? Enough […]

White Water Rafting in Colorado from Mild to Wild Adventures

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. Already getting too warm and looking for a great way to get on the water? Look no further than a trip white water rafting in Colorado. We have expeditions that range from mild to wild and provide a different river experience for each person!   […]

River Rafting: When is the Best Time to Go?

Are you wondering the best time to go on your whitewater river rafting trip?  If so, there are several factors to take into consideration during your planning process. Do you like high water or low water? Do you want big rapids or small rapids? Do you like warm water or cold water? Do you want […]

Adventure Dictionary: White Water Rafting Terminology 101

  So what exactly is whitewater? And why do I need a PFD? Being adventurous requires a large vocabulary. Our new Adventure Dictionary Series has you covered and ready for your next family white water rafting trip! WHITEWATER: Named for the whitecapped, frothy appearance found when we experience water that is being disturbed, whether by […]

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