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Moab Rafting Trips – The Best in the West!

Moab, Utah is a veritable desert oasis with the Colorado River being the lifeblood of the community. Of course there are many other attractions that call people to Moab like the incredible Arches National Park, the vast Canyonlands National Park, biking, hiking, and skydiving, but these are only possible due to this incredible river. What’s […]

Favorite Films Made in the Southwest

  From the low deserts to the high mountains, the rich and varied landscape of the American Southwest has inspired many filmmakers and provided the scenic backdrop for a variety of films. Here are a few of our favorite movies that feature scenes shot in the Southwest!   The Hateful Eight – Telluride, CO   […]

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service

  On August 25th in 1916, with great foresight, Woodrow Wilson signed the National Park Service into existence. It was this act that created the famous mission statement of the National Park Service: “To conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wildlife therein to provide for the enjoyment of the same […]

Utah River Rafting: One of Many Favorites in Moab

Moab, Utah is known for its stunning red rock formations and distant snow capped peaks. It’s a destination sought after by many.  With many natural features and locations, it can be overwhelming to decide where to spend your valuable vacation time.  We figured we’d give you some pointers for the things we love, including National […]

3 Tips to Avoid on Vacation

It’s always a good idea to keep safety in mind, especially when you’re traveling, but sometimes, you have to take a chance to experience something great on vacation! Here are 3 common travel trips we think you should disregard on your next family adventure vacation!

Family Fun

Here at Mild to Wild we know what it means to be a family. We were founded on family values seventeen years ago and once you join the team, you’re immediately accepted into the Mild to Wild crew. We also know that it can be difficult to get a family together and moving, and for […]

Get Ready for Adventure in 2012

Although it seems summer has just ended, it is never to soon to plan your next adventure and river expedition. There are so many great Durango vacation ideas, you may have to come back year after year to see it all! Even then, you will find there is always something new to explore, a new […]

Welcome to Mild to Wild's Blog!

Welcome to our blog! We have collectively spent so much time reading other outdoor adventure type blogs that we finally decided to create one for ourselves. We will still spend the majority of our time showing people an incredible time whitewater rafting in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, while also exploring the mountains in Colorado, but […]

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