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Salt River AZ Surging Rapids Of Guaranteed Excitement

Surely you’ve heard of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, right? But have you heard of Arizona’s best-kept secret? The Salt River Canyon, known as the “other Grand Canyon” is a 2,000 foot canyon, soaring high above the Salt River AZ. The Salt River AZ valley is home to desert cacti and flowers as well as […]

A Day in the Life of a River Guide!

Being a river guide can be one of the most fun and rewarding summer (and spring and fall and winter depending on where you are!) jobs out there, it can also be quite challenging! This is how a river guide’s day normally looks: Get a good night’s sleep prior to your trip – you have […]

What to do with a Small Ammo Can on the River

What does Guide Kira keep in her Ammo Can? I remember one of the first days I started working at Mild to Wild, the owner walked in and said “If the guy selling ammo cans comes around, we want them,” and that was it. I was pretty confused, but didn’t want to show my ignorance […]

How to: Replace a Valve on a Raft/Inflatable Kayak

Hey all you white water rafting enthusiasts! Check out our new video on How to Replace a Valve! In this video Jesse is changing a valve on an inflatable kayak, but it works the same for rafts, as well. Materials Needed: New Valve, Valve Key and your raft or inflatable kayak of course! Step 1: […]

A Fall Day at Mild to Wild

Our off season is less than 5 months long. We end our jeep trail tours in early October and start Arizona rafting by late February/early March. While spending time with us this summer, you may have wondered: “What do these folks do at the end of the season?” Well here’s your video blog answer. We […]

How To: Surf a Wave in a Raft

 1) Position yourself in an eddy next to the feature. (If there are no eddies, you have to come in from upstream paddling up river so you can slow your boat in order to catch the wave.) 2) Paddle into the wave. Be careful to paddle into the wave with enough force to catch the […]

How To: Flip a Raft Back Over

1) Jump on top of the boat   2) Attach your flip line to the chicken line or a D ring on the side of the boat 3) Pull the line towards you and into the water

How To: Swim with Your Paddle if You Fall Out of an Inflatable Kayak

8-year-old Charlie demonstrates how to hold and swim with your paddle if you fall out of your inflatable kayak while enjoying some Lower Animas Rafting (or any other river!). 1. Place your hands on your paddle shoulder width apart. 2. Alternate putting the blades into the water, just as you would while kayaking. 3. Kick […]

How To: Get Back Into an Inflatable Kayak

In the first video installment of our “HOW TO” series, 8-year-old Charlie will demonstrate how to get back into an inflatable kayak after you’ve fallen out. 1) Orient yourself in the river in relation to your boat and paddle. 2) Swim aggressively towards the kayak. 3) Place paddle length wise in boat. 4) Position yourself […]

Thank You for the Great Reviews!

“Mild to Wild rafting tour” Reviewed July 20, 2012 ‘We took the 2 hr rafting tour through Mild To Wild. It was fantastic! These people really know what they’re doing! They were very helpful and informative. Our tour guide was top notch! He gave excellent instructions; we never got stuck on a rock nor tipped […]

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