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Salt River AZ Surging Rapids Of Guaranteed Excitement

Surely you’ve heard of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, right? But have you heard of Arizona’s best-kept secret? The Salt River Canyon, known as the “other Grand Canyon” is a 2,000 foot canyon, soaring high above the Salt River AZ. The Salt River AZ valley is home to desert cacti and flowers as well as […]

Rafting in Arizona is Absolutely Amazing

Rafting in Arizona is jaw dropping amazing. We’ve said it before. We’ll probably say it again. Hardcore whitewater enthusiast or Sunday afternoon tubers. Arizona has a river for you. From three week wilderness trips to short and sweet whitewater day runs. Arizona has an experience for you. We are so into the rafting in Arizona […]

The Best Ways to See Fall Colors in the Southwest!

Fall is here! With the cooler temperatures bringing in the end of summer, the most recognizable way to know that winter is on it’s way in is the trees changing colors. Colorado has spectacular fall colors into the rugged mountains to make an incredible fall trip.   Take a Fall Colors Jeep Tour     Climb […]

Why a Mountain Tour Needs to be on Your To Do List!

Colorado is an incredible state that holds a diverse amount of landscapes ranging from the urban to the remote. The highways that traverse the state show off mere glimpses of the true beauty of the land. The true gold lies off the beaten path and on a mountain tour. If you aren’t up for taking […]

White Water Rafting: How to Minimize the Risks

White water rafting is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States! It has been growing rapidly year after year, showing people the grand adventures available to them. They find that rafting brings thrills and bonding into their lives while giving them the ability to see some of the most incredible scenery that […]

Summer Vacation in Southwest Colorado: Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why!

For most of us spring break is over. This is disappointing news but also means we are that much closer to our summer vacations! What a better summer adventure than hiking, rafting, mountain biking, and fishing! They are great ways to get the family together and accommodate the entire group. Where can you find such a […]

The History of the "Other Grand Canyon"

The mighty Salt River – known as Arizona’s “Other Grand Canyon” and the lifeblood of Phoenix and the Metro area. The river begins high in the White Mountains and emerges from a confluence of the White and Black Rivers. It’s 200 miles in length, flowing through Phoenix and into the Gila River. Following the water […]

Support the Health of the Animas River

August of 2015 – Our beloved Animas River was contaminated by an accidental mine spill caused by the EPA. The orange colored images of the river spread throughout the world and it became a top news story.   But, luck was on our side. No one was hurt or injured as the spillage burst out […]

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