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5 Reasons to Try Inflatable Kayaks on a Full Day Trip

Inflatable Kayaks are a great way to step up the adventure on a milder river like the Lower Animas River At lower water levels, these unique crafts offer an especially fun way to navigate through the river! We offer short introductory and half day trips, but really, the best way to get out there and […]

How To: Surf a Wave in an Inflatable Kayak

8-year-old Charlie and 13-year-old Benji did some Lower Animas kayaking and will show us how to paddle into a wave in an inflatable kayak and surf right here in Colorado! To surf your kayak in a wave you will: 1) Position yourself in an eddy next to the feature. If there are no eddies, you […]

How To: Get Back Into an Inflatable Kayak

In the first video installment of our “HOW TO” series, 8-year-old Charlie will demonstrate how to get back into an inflatable kayak after you’ve fallen out. 1) Orient yourself in the river in relation to your boat and paddle. 2) Swim aggressively towards the kayak. 3) Place paddle length wise in boat. 4) Position yourself […]

First Annual Duck and Run Race!

Mild to Wild Rafting and Jeep Trail Tours, Inc. is excited to announce the first ever Duck and Run race on July 28th, 2012. Anticipated as the most serious duckie/foot race ever, participants start in an inflatable kayak and take on Durango’s Animas River. Upon arrival at Santa Rita Park, they run back to the […]

Mild to Wild Teams with Ska Brewing

Our specialty trips get better and better each year! This year, be sure to check out the Duck and Run, an inflatable kayak and foot race! Equipment is provided or you can bring your own. And of course, what would a race in Durango be without music and beer sponsored by Ska Brewing! Speaking of […]

Top Reasons to Visit Durango this August!

August is just around the corner and there is no better way to spend the last weeks of summer than in Durango. It is a great time for our inflatable kayaks! As we start to experience lower water conditions, these single person mini-rafts are perfect to navigate the technical challenges of the Lower Animas River. […]

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